Monday, October 04, 2010

October but yet September!

It’s October! Oppss… it supposed to be shouted in my previous entry where I blogged bout the award but I guess I just got too excited to answer all the questions. Yayyy… lol

There will be two celebrations this month; Rayyan’s 2yrs birthday (24 Oct 2010) and me and my hubby 7th yrs coupled anniversary (25 Oct 2010)! I hope I got something to blog about after the celebrations since I’m really in budget constrain this month. *wink*

Can we just ignore about it first and I share something else in this entry… Hehehe...

Well, we (me, hubby and Rayyan. Mom and Lily stayed at home) went to KLCC last 2 weeks. Since hubby got this RM50-Isetan-Voucher which will be expiring in Nov 2010, so we thought of… yeahhh… we should go and make use of it. The voucher has been kept in the box for almost a year and of coz we do not want it to be expired! Such a waste kan…

Hubby didn’t manage to get anything for himself after wandering at the men’s section. So we headed to Rayyan’s section! We finally bought something using the voucher and add extra $$$ too. Nevermind la… Rayyan got new jeans!!

After taking our lunch, we headed to KLCC Park for photography session. *smile*

Main tapuk tapuk

Rayyan was so excited to watch the water fountain

Get my title of this post? *wink*


  1. 2 birthdays in a month.. so making a 2in1 birthday party this month?

  2. Wah..happy lah si Rayyan ada new jeans..:)
    Nice pictures too...

  3. Reana ~ Hehehe.. a cake for my boy is a must I guess.. :D

    Stella ~ Hehehe.. bkn dia excited jg lain la klu baju upin ipin. Hahaha... Thanks too.. :D

  4. Bestnya jadi budak2, everything mesti dorg duluan ;)
    2 bdays in a month?? Save budget celebrate ;)

  5. Sumandak ~ Ya lor.. pigi mana2 pun mesti ada sumthing for them. :D

    Nda ngam theme pulak klu mo combine kek. Hahah..

    Mouren ~ Hahahahah... tepa ba! Thanks nyway. Suka la c asai klu baju yg dia beli kena ckp santik.. huhuhu..

  6. Wah tia lama lagi tu just, now OCTOBER sudah another week to go!!! Happy B'day in advanced to your Rayyan's and happy 7th anniversary to you & hubby and more years to come and have a blessed one!!! (awal sa wish nie mana tau tidak tebuka blog tu hari hehehe): )

  7. Rosc... hahaha.. thanks for the advance wishes. :D


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