Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Perginya Sang Kurita!

Morning Peeps…

I was made to know via Hot FM this morning that Paul, 2, the oracle octopus who shot to fame in the World Cup this summer for his uncanny ability to predict the results of Germany's football matches, has died at his home in Oberhausen, Berlin, yesterday.

Paul made headlines across the globe after he correctly forecast how Germany would fare in seven matches, before his psychic powers were tested again for the final. Paul tipped Spain to beat the Netherlands in the final and its prediction duly came to pass: Spain won!

Image Credit: Roland Weihrauch/AFP/Getty Images

Following the World Cup, a Spanish zoo made a transfer bid for Paul but his German keepers refused to sell. Some Germans called for a public grilling of the oracle octopus, prompting Sea Life Centre in the western German city of Oberhausen to install extra security.

According to the Manager of Sea Life Centre, Paul will be kept in cold storage until the centre decides how to mark the mollusc's extraordinary life. They may decide to give Paul his own small burial plot within their grounds and erect a modest permanent shrine.

Manusia mati meninggalkan nama, harimau mati meninggalkan belang, Sotong Kurita mati meninggalkan World Cup! LoL

Till then, Happy Wednesday! *wink*


  1. this morning pun sa dengar d Suria FM c Paul suda tiada...

  2. Dui..gia sian Si Paul.. saya ingat lepas ni drg goreng makan dia..hehehe..

    Ada juga cemetry dia ba..hehe...

    RIP paul the octopus!

  3. masak sambal sotong lagi bagus c Paul tu.. muahahahaha

  4. Beaty ~ Sutung mati pun buli buat kontroversi oo.. kalah2 urg! huhuhu...

    Stella ~ Itu la ba tu.. kena buat tugu lg tu.. ;p

    Asai ~ Yaikkkss..

  5. odoiii...dari dulu lg sy mo p timbak ba tu sutung tp indak jd..mungkin ramai org yg p kasi sumpah2 tu sotong supaya mati cepat..tu la dia kesian juga sy dngar la..siapa la waris dia nnt?? kot kot ada lagi Paul Jr.

  6. Haha..sioknya sotong tu, mau di beri penghormatan sampai macam tu sekali..

  7. Shedih...hikhikhik
    Belum sempat saya minta ramalan numbur :)

  8. Nancy Poh ~ hahahha... mungkin dia the only one, teda waris.. tu yg dorang mo bt penghormatan kaw2 pnya! ;p

    AnnieMing ~ Yep.. RIP!

    Zezebel ~ ya ba.. special betul oo kan... buli buat manusia jeles ni! ;p

    Sumandak ~ Heheheh... sama la kita ni!

  9. Suram lah sudah WC the next 4 years nie teda sudah si paul.


You're 'bout to corner... ;p