Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Photobook for only RM99!!

I always wanted to have a Photobook of us! Handy photographs in a customised book! And it's the best way to preserve memories! *wink*

click photo for more details

Photobook Malaysia is currently having a crazy promotion!!

It's a special 48 hours offer ends at 12pm, 7th October 2010.

Buy now & upload file by 31st December 2015.

Promotion is valid for a standard 40-pages Medium Landscape Imagewrap book worth RM256 and now for only RM99 (exclusive RM12 shipping charges)!!

Go grab it fast!! I'm done!! Can't wait to start my project!! Heheheh...


  1. Nanti mau melawat website dia ni. Kasi blog kalu ko suda dapat...hehehe!

  2.!..sya pun mau...... :)

  3. Mouren ~ Project kilat yg 'dirahsiakan' ni. Kuang kuang kuang..

    Stella ~ Beli dulu nnt buat pun nda pa.. sbb sampai 2015 jg baru expire kan.. hehehe..

  4. Oh ya ka..2015 expired kan..

    wah template baru!!! nice...... saya suka..:)

  5. Stella ~ bnyk lg masa mo kumpulan bahan.. :D

    hihihi.. green2 gitu.. peace!! :D


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