Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rescue 911

I thought of posting something else this morning but things came up unexpectedly forcing Mr Mind goes somewhere else. So jgn heran if i haven't do any blogwalking today. *sigh*

For the moment, maybe you guys could advised me on this. Refer to my image below.

Click image to enlarge

Anyone received an email (gmail) like this? Should we reply? If the email account is deleted, how bout my blog? Sure effected kan? 

Alamakkk....  *headache*


  1. Uiks...kenapa juga tu ah? Sa tdk pula terima email mcm ni Sis...uhh! takut2 scam pula nanti...cisss...

  2. Just, dis is spam. don reply, nvr gv ur password!

  3. dulu kan... I pun pernah dpt email mcm nie.. tp tu di email yahoo... I ignore jer la.. and nothing happen.. as long as ada email kuar masuk dr account tu.. so, consider still active la kan.

  4. Just NEVER EVER entertain e-mail that request for user's password either hackers or scam tu!!

  5. Naaa kan.. adeh.. kelam kabut sia tukar password trus..


You're 'bout to corner... ;p