Thursday, October 14, 2010


… is my beloved daughter!!

Heheheh.. you know it for sure! *wink*

Well, she is exactly 3 months old today! So, she will be our main topic today. Besides, I haven’t really introduced her to you guys huh?

Her faces snapped this morning before clinic-ing

One thing that I must say here is Lily is so-very-much easy to handle compared to her bro! Yes… She didn’t cry a lot. She only cries when she wants milk. And oh yess… when the diaper gets wet! When she is full, she sleeps. Sleeps by her own without us to dodoi her. And now… she will ask for company and carry sometimes. She smiles widely when you play with her.

There is a slight change in her feeding timings. During my confinement, we (should I say I – me alone?! Ahaks) have to wake up 3-4 times to feed her. Now, when I started work, I only wake up once! As if she understands that her mom needs to work the next day. Thanks my dear! And so mommy has enuff sleep! *grin*

But, I wonder how she can tahan more than 4 hours from the last feeding. Huh?

Anyway, Rayyan is the opposite when he was baby! He cried nonstop for 3-4 hours since his 6th days old! For few days he cried from 11pm-3am and timing changed to 9pm-1pm the next week and another new timing for the following weeks! He doesn’t really finish his milk and less sleep too. Somehow, the crying 'ended’ after he was 3 mths! Being ‘ear-bullied’ for 3mths! Goshhh… can you imagine that?! *faint*

Now you tell me… Lily is a good girl or not? Heheheh… still loonggg way to go girl but mommy prays day and nite for the very best of you both… *hugs & kisses*

And the famous question when you have more than 1 kid is… will the elder bro/sis got jealous??

Yes of coz!

The first week, Rayyan will cries along each time Lily cries! Since he is very attached to my mom, he doesn’t allow my mom to carry Lily! But, one thing good is that he didn’t bit the sis. Errr… very seldom la! Geram I guess! Anyway, he is better now. He already can accept the fact that he has a sister! Hehehe... *relief*

We asked him to kiss Lily but Lily was the one who kiss him instead!

Emm.. so far, Lily’s milestone is making some noise when 'playing’ or calling for company. Haven’t turn her body yet (tiarap). Weighting at 4.8kg…

Till then… ^_^

1st p/s : I got signature already! Yeahh..

2nd p/s : we heard that FB and YM will be blocked from tomorrow onwards. Not the blogger I hope. Or else I will be dead bored for sure.. huhuhu..


  1. I love watching baby sleeping...

    Sis, my mum said kalu baby senyum2 dalam tido kan, ada kenen nenek kebayan buat lawak dalam mimpi dia...lawaaaa lah joke mum sa tu...and sampai skrg sa pun kasi pass tu crita sama kazen2 sa kalu ada baby kecil...muahahaha!

    *funking lah c nenek kebayan tu..hahaha*

  2. Seriously, I am jealous! OMG!
    Kena cepat-cepat kahwin lah nie...

  3. So cute your baby..i wish i have baby girl one day.. :)

  4. Ko bawa ja broadband tu Just..senang cerita hehe

  5. Mouren ~ U know what.. my mom pun ckp benda yg sama! Ada nenek kebayan kenen kunun!! Muahahahah..

    Sumandak ~ Jgn jeles2 ba.. nnt dpt jg ko tu. tp as u said, kawin capat!!

    Stella ~ Thanks stel. Dun worry, mesti dpt jg tu. Broadband tu mmg komfom bw..

  6. Cute betul c baby Lily ni, kuat senyum kan. :-) Mesti independent dia ni sebab kuai2. :-)

  7. ~ comel oooo baby girl ko kan... mesti perangai "kwai-kwai" tu ikut gaya daddy dia kan... hehehe.. :)

  8. Haha...popular tu cerita Nenek Kebayan...heran jg...knp sa tdk ingat ada nenek kebayan pernah kasi ketawa sa time sa kecil dulu... :-p


  9. Ni yang ndak buat sa sabar mo tunggu ma unborn nephew keluar nie hehehehe...anytime soon along October!!!! Yeahhhh buli main sama baby

  10. Angel Bear ~ Thanks. dun worry, sure kena cubit pnya. Heheh..

    Crystal ~ sbb dia kuai2 kan trus bikin kesian ni.. mcm kena kasi biar2 d baby cot dia.. hahaha...

    Annie ~ Tu nenek kebayan main sama dia ba tu, tu yg dia senyum2. Hihihi.. tu urg tua pnya ckp tu... ;p

  11. Asai ~ hahaahah.. ikut dady la mengkali...

    Rosc ~ baby sendiri lg best baa... ;p

  12. alalala..comelnya hehehe...:D

  13. Mouren ~ tetinggal pulak ko sis... hahah.. sia pun nda ingat. Jom p cari laci doraemon... muahahaha...

  14. Nora ~ Thanks Nora. cumil2 ja dia selalu tu.. hehehe...


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