Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stop Child Abuse! Raise Your Hand!

It's Thursday and I'm soooo lazy today! Not enuff sleep coz woke up twice to feed Lily last nite. Cehhh.. padahal bukan selalu. Hihihi... Morning peeps!

How bout some exercises then??

Come, let's raise your hands!! and STOP CHILD ABUSE!! Tiba2 ni... hahaha.. mood gila2 swinging sekarang. lol
But, seriously... I know you guys hate child abuse rite?? Unicef is currently running a campaign for this. So, pls support them by giving your hand away! Jangan la ba serius jg kan... They just need your cyber hand! 

Believe it or not... I have been playing around the hand so many times. None that satisfied me. So, that's explaining the bad design I have here. But, it's ok.. at least, I have done my part. How bout you??! Get one for yourself here.

Credits to Mouren and Mrs. Graig for sharing this campaign. *wink*


  1. Lawa pun ni...perasan ko saja bilang nda lawa bah..

    Kesiokan sa kasi color2 ni...hehe...

    Punya semangat...hehe

  3. Stella ~ blm cukup bnyk tu tau.. ;p

    Mouren ~ sia pun kesiokan sampai nda tau mo design mcmana... lawa jg? kasi sinang ati sia ja ko ni sis..

    Sumandak ~ YESSS!! misti mo semangat! Hahaha..


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