Thursday, October 28, 2010

Suka Contest? Mau RM200? Jom!!

Good thing that I have actually tracking all my comments in a list. Almost forgotten that I have actually answered in Zezebel’s 2010 Wordless Wednesday Contest yesterday.

Click here to know more bout the contest. T&C applied ok. *wink*

One of the T&C is to connect her via twitter. Am now considering to sign up with Twitter. Huhuhu... *garu kepala*

The contest will be running every Wednesday from 27/10/2010 until 31/12/2010. What you need to do is just GUESS! Simple! No harm trying for fun rite.

The result with the winner(s) will be announced on the next day (Thursday). You’ll get 5 points for correct answer and 2 points for wrong answer. Points will be accumulating to the end of the contest. If you get the highest points, you could win yourself all the books as per image below OR RM200! *juling mata*

The winning prize
Image by
Well, the above image also was the question for yesterday. Bloggers been asked to guess what are the books for? I guess “giveaway” and I got it right!!

5 points collected
Looking forward for Wednesdays!! My Wednesday will not be the same anymore!! Yipeee…
Berdebar2 kunun tunggu next image! Ahaks..

So guys, don’t forget to hop over to Zezebel’s page! Good luck!


  1. Wah best juga ni ada contest gini..mau join lah hehe

  2. Atukoi si Just...hahahaha
    Siap tunjuk anak panah lagi :)
    Saya pun join nie, buku hadiah dia...juling mata dapat buku free RM200 ^ ^
    Bah kita tengok siapa yang manang ^ ^

  3. Terima kasih Just.
    Peserta pertama ni. Tiada twitter pun dia buka baru. Hehehehehe.... Wish you will enjoy my contest. Just have some fun.

    jane.., harga buku tu lebih dari RM200. Dalam RM300 macam tu.

  4. Jackie Collins, my fav! Bah, nanti sya check it out. Thanks for the info and good luck! :-)

  5. Ba, jom kita kasi aramaitii tmpt c zezebel. Gud luck! :D


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