Monday, October 11, 2010

The Third Party

As I read through the article about the divorce of Raja Azura yesterday, I shed some tears! I must admit here that I am kinda sensitive woman! I am not her fan. But I can imagine that if I’m in her shoes!

Being married for 9 years with 3 kids… still loving her husband and yet have to ask for a divorce! Gosh… it must be very difficult for her! *teary eyes*

My instinct is saying the divorce is because of a third party! Her hint and ‘warning’ in the newspaper is the indirect way of saying it especially when she claims that she has lost trust towards her husband.

Who is actually to be blamed when things like this happen in a relationship? I believe every relationship must have face something related to third party. The third party aka bitch? The husband? Or the wifey?

The bitch because seducing the husband and never really bother the status of the guy??? Why seduce?? For what?? For money??? Yeah.. life is very hard nowadays!! Must get someone to support you financially huh???! If not for money then for sex???!! Goshhhh!! I must say some women out there are very daring!!! Sex for fun!! Bitch is bitch!!!

The husband because being ‘naïve’ for letting himself to be seduced?? Can’t he think rationally when making the decision to get himself involved in a ‘scandal’??? If it’s a just-for-fun-scandal, maybe there will be a turning back, but how if the just-for-fun-scandal turns serious (up to stage to get married)???? Another point from the point of Muslim, how capable is he to be fair to the wives???? In term of financial, physical and mental??? Can he really be FAIR??? I doubt so!! Well, when a fish offered itself to a cat, surely the cat won’t reject kan? *sigh*

The wifey who claims that she has given her best in the relationship??? But she might be not good enuff otherwise the husband won’t scandal-ing! Hmmm… I can’t think from man’s view. You tell me…

It is easy to betray but to re-gain back the trust that has been built for years is hard!

All in all, marriage life was boring probably because hubby and wife didn't value the details of their lives, not because they didn't love each other anymore.

The small details of your lives are what really matter in a relationship. It is not the mansion, the car, property, the money in the bank. These create an environment conducive for happiness but cannot give happiness in themselves.

So find time to be your spouse's friend and do those little things for each other that build intimacy. Do have a real happy marriage!

Psstt…. Pardon me for being ‘rude’ in this entry but I just can’t help myself.. cheerssss… *wink*


  1. Your post full occupied with "??" "!!"...terus kan me like this... ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHH...damned with that bitch a.k.a perempuan store (aikk..perempuan store?!!!)

  2. ngeehehehh....macam tu lirik lagu p.ramlee cakap'sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit,apa pula suami isteri,buang yang keruh ambil yang jernih'.....

  3. waaa.. marah nampak. Hehehe..sabar2..sabar.. Actually in this situation both husband and wife should sit together and discuss. Tolerate to each other, be faithful and forgive each other. Marriage is not as easy as most of us think and not hard as too hard though. I takes two heart to built LOVE.. and that's LOVE strengthen and united in marriage. Marriage suppose to be SACRED, PURE and BLESSED.

    In nowadays case, marriage are not PURE anymore. They look as it is a simple thing, kalau tidak suka cerai saja.. senang kan?.. hmmm.. hard to say and hard to understand too..

  4. Mouren ~ Ko bingung???? Naa.. sia tmbh lg tu "??"... kekeke..

    Perempuan Store?? New term?? Wahahaha..

    Maymel ~ ckp mmg la senang, not until u face it.. :(

  5. Harga yang perlu dibayar apabila menjadi artis. Apa saja yang terjadi menjadi tumpuan, last2 bertikam lidah...
    Nampaknya, rupa paras dan harta kekayaan tidak menjamin kebahagiaan rumahtangga...
    Kesian the kids kan, tempiasnya dorang yang kena tanggung...
    Apapun alasan perceraian, hanya mereka yang tahu...

  6. Stella ~ whatever it is what we can do is just pray. Hoping the very best for our marriage.. Hoping that we could grow old together.. til then, cherish every single moment..

  7. Ko tau Just, sa hampir2 terjerat dlm situasi mcm ni tp bukan sebagai wife tp sbgai the 3rd party tp luckily sa tidak terperangkap sama cakap manis lelaki tu...palis2...kdg2 lelaki ni pandai berkata2...terpulang sm si ppuan mo percaya ka tidak...

  8. ur post ni kan popped my eyes o...
    yalah since im a just married..and im thinking masa akan datang will my marriage goes in next 5 or 10 years...kin takut pula o..well u are right, what we can di is just pray~

  9. Sumandak ~ Yes.. in most cases, anak2 yg kesian sbb jd mangsa!

    Memel ~ well, i guess semua urg ada bakat utk 'bertanduk'... tepulang sama kita utk decide the best for us. Kan??

    Belle ~ Lama x 'jumpa' ko oo... hehe.. so, lets pray. Apa2 pun perhaps simpan sikit tu love for your own.. :D

  10. Salam Just,

    In real life, I was sorrounded by divorce people, I have few friends who choose to end their marrriage becouse of third party and money. If you remember, in my blog I've written about confession of love on my opinion related to this aorund last year due to my best friend divorce.

    Actually,What has happened is happend, the damaged is there, sometime a wife must able to accept its easy to forgive yet hard to forget. But dont worry because when you forgive, God will help you in so many ways. Like pepatah melayu said, berpantang maut sebelum ajal. If you think you can save the marriage, try your best, made it the best of you. If not, leave it to God. Like what I wrote,Love in marriage is indeed a Decision and Not just a feeling.


  11. Nora ~ Yes I read that but didnt drop any comments coz didnt know what to write.

    Agreed wt u.. Love in marriage is indeed a Decision and Not just a feeling.

    Thanks for comment. It's comforting. *hugs*


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