Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I was drafting a new entry for my blog while YM with Hubby and Aunt E when suddenly received a bad news from Hubby.

Well, it’s indeed good news for him. But, I just can’t help myself! It’s not his fault! But I still feel upset!

Dulu susah senang sama2, skrg ni senang2 saturang2!!

I scarified a lot but in the end, I didn’t get anything!!

Yess.. that’s what exactly I feel!

It makes me feel like I should start acting on what has been pending so long! No one will help you unless you help yourself! Yes.. the blame should goes to me!

I should have... hmmm.. it’s ok.. nevermind! Nothing to do with him actually. He deserves the reward  and I should be happy for him.

It is just me who got jealous dengan membabi buta!

Sorry Dear...


  1. Aikkkk...

    Tadi ok2 lagi ko bercerita psal cuti-cuti Cinta...

  2. laaaaa sabar ah just, kasi cool down dulu hati then bincang bagus2 kio :)

  3. awh, sabar2~ we supposed to be happy for our particular someone even we are jealous.

    well, sometimes jealousy might turn to be some positive urge for us to archive what we want, ya? ba, apa lagi? u can do it darl~ gambate! *hugss*

  4. wah..napa gia Just..sabar gia ko..
    Jgn terburu-buru perasaan..
    Whatever it is, take care of yourself k..

  5. honey.... what happened?? astaga !!

  6. Thanks for the concern guys. I'm better after I posted this entry! Besa la ba tu kan.. hormon swinging! Heheheh..


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