Tuesday, November 09, 2010

1001 Tuesday Tips #2

Morning all. In case you forget or to my new visitors, every Tuesday (starting from last week) I will be posting Tips for you all. Any kind of tips from head to toe... from kitchen to garden... where I named it as 1001 Tuesday Tips. *wink*

Tips of the week :

Have you experiencing chewing gum sticking on your apparels?

To clean it, store the apparels into the refrigerator for few hours, take it out and wash as usual. You will find that the chewing gum is easier to be removed then.
Image Source : mexicolore.co.uk

For info, Mexico is the home for chewing gum! Read more here.

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Till then, have a pleasant day ahead! *wink*


  1. wow..now i know..
    Thanks for sharing this Just :)

  2. oo..kasi masuk aisbok a..bagus ni :)

  3. banyaknya "singam"..hehe.Baru teringat panggilan nih.

  4. Good tips Just and great ideas to share your tips every Tuesday. Saya tak suka makan chewing gum, jadi tiada masalah lar dengan ini.

  5. Wah good to know. Tq for sharing bagus juga nie ko buat tips2 tiap2 tuesday

  6. DC ~ heheh.. lps ni, buli la pura2 teduduk chewing gum. ;p

    si biskut ~ mati2 la sia pikir apa'singam'. lupa sekijap. hahahah....

  7. Zezebel ~ Thanks zezebel. ok jg la.. at least, refresh blk utak psl tips2 ni.. kdg2 lupa.

    Rosc ~ tengkiu tengkiu..


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