Tuesday, November 30, 2010

1001 Tuesday Tips #5

Morning all.

To my new visitors and followers, every Tuesday I will be posting Tips for you all. Any kind of tips from head to toe... from kitchen to garden... where I named it as 1001 Tuesday Tips. *wink*

Tips of the week :

How to get rid of the plastic container odour?

Image source : google

Wet a small piece of paper and put inside the plastic container. Leave it overnight.

That's all..

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Till then.. Smile coz it's the last day of the month and tomorrow is DECEMBER... ^_^


  1. Nice tips owh.. Saya selalu ada masalah gitu..nda suka tu bau container... nnti saya try ni tips..:)

  2. Haha...ya bah. Smiling lah kami nie..hehe!

  3. great....i always hated eating plasticky tasting nasi bekalan:)

  4. Stella ~ try kama... ;p

    Sis Mouren ~ ko tu sia tau jg sis.. ada ja yg bikin ko senyum2 kan... heheheh..

    dizzyFUNctional ~ hahaha.. now u can breath! ;p

    SJB ~ silakan la cuba kio.. :D

  5. oh really?? I have few yg sudah smells.. mau try the tip..

    TQ just.. :D

  6. Kertas suratkhabar pun buli ka just?

  7. CathJ ~ welcome.. silakan try! :D

    Zezebel ~ Errr.. nda sure pulak. kikiki.. kita try ja la.. :D


You're 'bout to corner... ;p