Wednesday, November 03, 2010

BE from Mr. Nuffnang!

To be frank, I never bother bout Nuffnang (nangnak – the nick name given by Sumandak) before. I never even bother the Glitterati (geligelihati – nick name given by Azura) status when others are too concern about it.

Well, I did check my earning some time last year if not mistaken and I only earned 25cents??! And that’s it! I have again giving up on it. *sigh*

Somehow, they are quite of numbers of bloggers posting an entry bout Mr. Nuffnang and BE recently! Being human, I was curious of what has happened to mine. So, I signed in to my acc and to my surprise I have earn RM6++. WOW!

Ok.. It is only RM6 and not RM600! Yes, it is not a big amount to some of you but to me it is coz I didn’t realize what I have done to earn that amount. Sepa mo bagi duit free?! So, bersyukur la.. *wink*

I have been spotting an ads running at my blog for the past few days and yes… the ads is my BE!

The ad
Sorry guys, I would not be able to elaborate further coz myself also still pening2 confuse of how it actually works. Pls google ya..

My Unique Visitors

I know yours is better than mine but I still wanna show off mine coz I know the numbers is improving day by day!

Chowww.. ^_^


  1. jan pun baru dpt jugak..sama la kita...sikit² lama² jadi bukit kan..

  2. hi just, ya sikit2 lama jadi bukit :)

  3. wah..tahniah sis dah dapat BE...teruskan usaha..kena maintain ni baru dapat lebih sket..hehhee....

  4. lama2 banyak tu. keep on promoting people to ur blog. sure naik tu.
    sa tiga kali suda dpt cheque frm nuffnang..and soon mau cash out the 4th payment. motivation tu hehe

  5. Yay, ada sudah bufferred earning ko ^_^

  6. baru dapat satu laghi BE...hikhik..sikit2 lama lama jadi...gunung...

  7. Tengkiu guyss... sikit2 lama2 jd gunung! Hehehe.. will try my best to maintain n promote! :D

  8. congrates dear..lama tak jenguk sini..huhu

  9. hehe..sronok kan dpt pun baru sedar ada BE kat belog aku tu...anyway..happy blogging..

  10. Zuriey ~ thanks.. i lalu2 je tmpt u.. sometimes lupe nk shout.. hihi..

    Nancy Poh ~ Urg lain ckp siok baru la sia kesiokan mo p cek nuffnang sia.. hahhaa..


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