Monday, November 08, 2010

Busy Mode : Blogwalking!!

Hi guyss... Sorry sorry... I haven't update my blog YET. I've been busy with blogwalking since this morning... Catching up stories as I didn't do it for the past 3 days. Seriously, I miss you guys very much. *wink* For those who has visiting me during the weekend, thanks so much.. *hugs*

I might have left comment(s) in one or more entries at some of your blog whereas I only shouted and read the latest entry at some of you. Sorry yaa... *muka seposen* Blm abis jogging lg ni.. adoiii..

Anyway, would like to thanks Stella for the Blog Paling Sweet 2010 Award.

It is indeed as sweet as the award image. *grin*

Will update my blog soonest as possible ok.

psst... Glay and Stella, utang dulu tu tag ok.. hihihi..


  1. Sekarang cuaca nya musim hujan, kalu di blog musim ber tag...muahahah!

    Sa bagi ko tag juga...contest ni kali..BAH! BUAT! (memaksa oh kan...haha!)

  2. Hey, first time here, so just say hi and i promise to come back to check on you again ya..

    take care now and god bless

  3. rindu sdh sma c bg ko kjutan nannnti.

  4. Sis Mouren ~ ngam la ba tu.. bermusim2 gitu. kikiki.. IYA.. UTANG KJAP JA! ;p

    Eugene ~ hi there. thanks for the dropped by.. take care n god bless too..

    Nancy Poh ~ hhihih.. rindu ka? Kejutan?? nasib ko kastau awal2.. sia standby mentally! ;p

  5. bz2 pun dapat gak award..congrates

  6. sweet blog hehehe..
    sama lah kita just..sya pun jarang2 blogwalking yg 3 hari lepas..busy kunu

  7. zuriey ~ hehehe.. thanks..

    Stella ~ ni la ni membalas dendam kunun. hehehe..


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