Sunday, November 07, 2010

Contest Sayang Adik - Saguhati!

If you can recall... I've joined few contests last month; five if not mistaken.. of coz not inclusive contests run by Mrs. Graig, NC and Zezebel.

Four out of the five contests was closed and resulted! No.. I didn't win the bag, Kontest Kandid Kamera and Aku & WSB.

Surprisingly, my pic for the Contest Sayang Adik has been selected as one of the Saguhati Winners. Ok la jg kan.. ;p

The photo for the contest

Saguhati Winners can choose for a leg warmer or RM5 voucher to shop at Alisha Mardhiyah Collection or Semua Barang Murah as the winning prize. I picked the leg warmer instead. *grin*

I hope I can win those grand2 prize in future... *fingers cross*


  1. Congratulations Just.
    Hadiah saguhati pun hadiah juga bha tu.

  2. pernah jg ikut contest sana malaysiagiveaway punya blog..ada la menang dpt cloth jg kan ^_^

  3. uits..ada suda sa kastau ka?..u've been tagged under my post The Climb..go get it :)

  4. Waa..congratulations........:)
    I am happy for u..

    And for ur info, you've been tagged,
    Come and look at my recent post :)

  5. Jangan lupa hari rabu ya....

    PS: sya xtau mau komen apa sudah, ingat ada post baru.

  6. congrats Just :)
    better than nothing bah, nda sia-sia juga ikut tu contest kan...

  7. Thanks guys... ada sikit ja luck utk contest kali ni. Still appreciated it thou.

    mrs. graig ~ ba, nnt sia check..

    Stella ~ utang dulu.. ;p

    zezebel ~ thanks sbb visiting2.. mana buli lupa wednesday oo.. :D


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