Friday, November 26, 2010

From Nancy the Parrot Again..

Thanks Nancy! It's great to get to know you in blogsphere... *hug*

The Q that coming along with the Award:

1. What do you think of Nancy Poh's blog?

Do we need a reason to like someone or something? Sometimes or most of the time it's the chemistry! Correct?? Anyway, I must mention here that she's fast in updating her blog! sometimes I missed few entries! Phew..

2. List down your friends:

Well, this round I'm going to give this award to my new blogger friends :

1. Nancy Poh (i give u back.. yayyy!)
2. Glay

Glad to know you guys too.. Thanks to WSB of coz!! *wink*

I'm one of Nancy's fav blog! Owwwww... Touching2 I tau... Muahahahhaa..

Will be posting mine later k... for more info, check out Ben Ashaari's page..

Till then, happy weekend... *wink*


  1. waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, thanks ya Just, aduiiiii terharu sa owh, sob sob, you're the best! mudah2an friendship kita dialam blogger ni berkekalan :)

  2. Azura ~ welcomeeeeee... hehehehe... berkekalan baini kan.. hihihihi...

    Stella ~ thanks stel..;p

  3. thanks again la just...eksedente sudah kita tu tau...hahahaha

  4. Whoaaa..well said la..very touched..thank YOU SOO much Just..i wanna say this again.. You are Awsome blogger friend..semoga persahabatan kita semua di alam maya akan kekal di alam realiti..huhu.

  5. Kasi siap lah semua 'assignment' ko, sis before ko balik KK...haha!

  6. Congrats for the award, Just! ^_^


You're 'bout to corner... ;p