Monday, November 22, 2010

GA List of Contestants

My GA will end in one more week. As at 3pm today, here are the GA participants :

43 si lampu Neon - no entry link!!

52 Fadzillah Kamarudin -

53 nurezzat -

54 mimiey -

55 farah hairuddin -

56 Wen -

57 Mama Balqis -

58 anin -

I have done my visit to half of them. Mata pun almost juling. Kikiki...

I did leave my comments at some of your entries and some, I just walked away... konon rushing ler nk habiskan spot-check. Hahahah..

The common 'mistake' that I noticed is that many of you didn't link the GA image to my GA entry.

Same goes to your sidebar. If you did any blog maintenances recently, the GA image at your sidebar and you bloglist might have gone 'haywired' and the worst is missing... So, pls check ya..

Or else, sorry that you will be eliminated! Cehwahh.. mcm c Allan Wu, host The Amazing Raze Asia tu la pulak.. hehehe...

Oya... Do something if you want to be the TOP REFERER! *wink*

Good luck guys... ^_^


You're 'bout to corner... ;p