Friday, November 12, 2010

Get To Know Paper Sizes

Are you confuse with Paper Size? So am I. *roll eyes*

Most of us only know A4 size paper I guess... and A3. Draughman, Architect and those related in this area  might know AO and A1 paper size. What bout A7, A6, A5, B8, B7, B6, bla bla bla... heard bout it before? Well, forget bout those working in the printing industry, they sure know all the sizes... hahahha...

I was actually looking for B5 paper size - the half size of A4 but slightly bigger. You get me? Sendiri confused! lol

Anyway, I googled it and would like to share it here.

After this, jgn bingung2 lagik.. A reminder to myself! *wink*


  1. Hahahahaha....
    I am also confused about this normally. Not only you Just, don't worry.

  2. Yang sa tau AO, A1, A4 & A3 saja selama nie now i know the rest of it hahaha...good info!

  3. zezebel ~ sia purposely post sini spy next time sia cari d blog sendiri ja. hahahah...

    Rosc ~ sia pun tau jg tu AO, A1 tp pandai confuse jg. Hahahah...

  4. A0, A1, A3, A4..tu yg familiarlah..sbb related dgn kerja..the rest..huhu...tak penah amik tau pun..

  5. sya tau A1, A3, A4 and B3 ja..yg lain nda tau.
    thanks for sharing this!

  6. hihihihi...lucu juga kan
    nasib ada Mr. Google, tanya apa saja...kompom ada answer :)

  7. Nafisa ~ klu x related dgn keje, rasanya AO ngan A1 pun x tau kan.. :D

    Stella ~ napa kunun ko tau B3?? welcome..

    chegu carol ~ size B lg besar dr size A in terms of panjang dan lebar.. :D

    Sumandak ~ betul tp sia msh nda puas hati napa sia jwb nda betul d WW c zezebel yg female tokek tu!! cisss..


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