Thursday, November 04, 2010

Getting Older?!

Here is what happened.

Last two days after I had my lunch, I went to deposit monies into my RHB acc using the deposit machine. As usual, I collected the slip after depositing.

Before I went back home at the end of the day, I will normally re-organize my stuff; transferring monies and cards to my purse. I prefer taking with me only the pouch during lunch time where I can put in hp as well. Malas pigang banyak2. *wink*

And then I realized that my RHB ATM card is not anywhere in the pouch or purse. Recalling the depositing process earlier, I 100% sure that I didn’t collect my ATM card after taking the slip! DANG!

Mcm mo tukar yg baru sdh ni.. ;p

Yes.. yes.. I’m sure! 100% sure!

It was my first time depositing monies into RHB account using ATM card. I normally use Maybank. At Maybank, i will rather key in my 12 digits account number without inserting the ATM card. Simply becoz :

1) I can memorized my Maybank account number as good as I memorized my IC number

2) Lazy to kurik2 my purse from the handbag.

So, when it comes to first time depositing monies by inserting ATM card… that was what happened! I only waited for the slip and not the ATM card! Ghezzz…

Hmm.. In other word, can I say… sia belum tua lagi ba.. it’s just that it is not my practice kan? Kasi sinang hati ba kunun. LOL

I waited till the next day (yesterday) and went to the bank (luckily, it’s nearby) and collected by ATM card. *relief*

The 5-years old ATM card

To all of you, berhati2 di jalan raya ok.. LOL

Just to note here that I didn’t get the correct guess at Zezebel’s WW this round. It’s ok.

Wow! Stella will be my nearest competitor at the moment. Chayok to both of us! *wink*

Psstt… another one...

I loike!! Cheerzz...


  1. haha..bukan getting pld ba tu.. cuma ko nda biasa bt gitu hehehe

  2. Hahahahaha...
    nasib baik opis dekat. kalau macam sya, matai.., mau tunggu bank buka la, ilang lagi cuti jawabnya sebab opis sya saaaaaaana pedalaman.

    Good luck in your contest ya.
    Ko belum bagi sya lagi tu email yang diguna untuk follow. ada 5 point lagi tak masuk.

  3. Stella ~ Iya ba.. nda biasa! So, mesti mo kasi biasa2 kan.. hihihi...

    Zezebel ~ Ya ba.. nasib baik dekat. nasib baik jg bkn mesin yg d shopping mall, klu nda sdh kena hntr tu atm kad p branch. Sandi!!

    Thanks. Aik?? Yg mana lg sia termiss buat ni aa? Email diguna utk follow? Nda phm..

  4. Nah lain kali berhati2 d jalan raya hahahaa... Nasib baik nda hilang kan. Sya nda senang tdur tu kalo mcm tu...

  5. no lah, bukan psl tua bah tu...everyone can have that incident even children sebab memang bukan your usual routine kan :)

  6. Crystal ~ hahahaha... sia konfiden ja tu urg bilang.. ;p

    chegu carol ~ hahaha.. ya, blm tua lg ni.. ;p


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