Monday, November 22, 2010

Gorgeous Mum Blogger Award from Gorgeous Ramblings

Who else could it be if not my GORGEOUS dear Sis Mouren. Other bloggers call her Wyne but not me.

Has been addressing her with Mouren since the very beginning and the title SIS given to her after we first met last Sept. I felt so 'welcome' when she hugged me replacing the 'shake hands' when we met. The met up indeed made us closer.  *smile*

Am sooo touch that she actually spent her time for this award thingy. Bukan satu tp ampat! Simple? Yes! But the time and thought that counts! Rite?

I know she is busy with all her bla bla.. if you follow her, you know her busy level! Kicik2 buli tahan urgnya! Kuat show-off lagik tu... Muahahhaha...

Anyway, thanks sis. *big hugs*


  1. Oh ya sya masi hutang sama si Wyne pasal mau post dia punya award tu..hahaha...kejap lg lah sya post..:)

  2. bila la sa blh dpt award mcm ni a.. :(

  3. Stella ~ cpt ko blog psl ni award.. hihi..

    nc ~ haisss... nda lama lg ba tu.. :D

  4. Muahahahahahaha...


    Sy senyum2 rabbit sekarang ni tau. Boss sy pun heran knp sy terkekeh-kekeh ni mcm urang gila...haha!

    Thanks for supporting me sis! *hugs*

  5. Sis Mouren ~ Senyum2 rabbit kasi nmpk tu gigi dapan kan. hehehe... welcome.. :D

    SJB ~ ya lor.. :D


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