Monday, November 15, 2010

The Launching of BO & DBO Biz ~ Get RM3 OFF only for earlybirds!

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As promised, I hereby officially launch Just Corner's Bag Organizer (BO) and Diaper Bag Organizer (DBO) Biz TODAY! Hooray..

You dump everything in your handbag and having hard time to find them specially those tiny-tiny thingy? BO is the best solution then. You can now wave goodbye to your messy handbag and even change handbags in just a sec! *grin*

Note : Click at the images to enlarge

Large (26cm x 12cm x 18cm) - RM33

Medium (21cm x 9cm x 16cm) - RM23

BO Sizes - Large is almost the same as A4 Paper while the Medium is slightly smaller

Postage :
RM6 (KL & Peninsular) / RM10 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Colour available :

1. Black-Red

2. Black-Pink

3. Black-Blue

4. Black-Green

5. Black-Purple

6. Black-Maroon

Black Base BO
7. Light Grey-Pink

Light Grey-Pink
8. Light Grey-Choc

9. Light Grey-Dark Grey

Light Grey-Dark Grey / Medium size (pringles and A4 paper for easy measurement)



11. Cream-Green

12. All Red

13. All Choc

All Red & All Choc

14. Orange-Green

15. Light Pink-Blue

16. Light Pink-Dark Pink

~ Ideal for mommies out there

Size : 30cm x 15cm x 22cm

Plain  : RM43.00

Motif : RM45.00

DBO Motif

Transparent Bag : RM20.00

DBO Plain + Transparent Bag = RM55.00

DBO Motif + Transparent Bag = RM58.00

Postage :

RM6 (KL & Peninsular) / RM10 (Sabah & Sarawak)

Colour available :

1. Red

2. Blue

3. Green

4. Orange

5. Light Pink

6. Fushia Pink

DBO Red Plain

All DBO plain colours are the same with the motif DBO.

At the moment, all bags are pre-order. Will process order every Thursday, noon. You are required to secure 50% of bag price upon confirmation of order. Balance + Postage Charges to be paid before I post out the bag by end of the following week provided if there is no delay or whatsoever.  

Pls confirm your order thru comment box or email me at or sms at 0176092008. You can also add me at  Pls state bag colour and size ya..
Will provide you with the payment details in the next stage. *wink*
Earlybirds who confirmed order and make 50%  payment by this Wednesday will get RM3 OFF!
Feel free to leave a comment should you need any clarification. Hoping for a positive response. Thank You.
Pheww.. formal eh! Hahahha...


  1. wow. haha mcm practical pula ni bag. coz girls always put TOOOOOO many stuff in their bags and end up could find them when they needed it. haha

    Beg yang terhangat di pasaran la ni kan :D

  2. wahhh nice! nice! bah ngam lah, ada sudah si fikir2 mo beli utk christmas gift ni hehehe...nanti sa make my order ah ok. sa kasi habis dulu sumua school work baru sa spend time browse all your BO selections.

  3. nih lah bag yang nak dijadikan gift untuk contest tuh kan..not bad lah Just.

  4. Zuriey ~ Bag organizer... senang2 nk tukar2 hangbag.. :D

    DC ~ Ba, buli ba order utk yg terchenta or siblings for xmas.. ;p

    chegu carol ~ ok ba kalau kau.. ;p

    biskut ~ ya.. ini laini kunun..

  5. Nice owh itu bag... nnti lah mau order...nice yg merah tu :)

  6. Just, napa sya teda nmpk chatbox ko...

    aih bday ko 23hb Dec ka?.. and ur hubby 17hb dec?.. wow.. Dua2 baby dec lah?..hehe

  7. Wow...harus sekarang nie berniaga!!


    Bila ko balik KK on December? Jgn lupa 'temujanji' kita...ngeh!

  8. Stella ~ Sia tggu ko pnya order kio.. :D

    Itu chatbox sia taruh d atas ba tu.. yg d barisan Home, Maajun tu.. but ramai nda nmpk.. so sia kasi 'muncul' balik.. hehehe...

    Ya, dua2 dec baby gentua ni. hahaha..

  9. Took me time to read all the comments, but I really enjoyed the article.
    cool hummers

  10. congrats on ur BO bizniz :)

    nice o.. mcm sa mau tu yg pink pink hehe

  11. mau mau..hehe..nanti sa order a bila tiba masa nya hehe..yg siz 26 cm tu besar ba kn?

  12. nc ~ yg size 26cm tu lbh krg size A4 paper. Cuba kunun kastau apa colour ko prefer. hihihi..

  13. bag bag bag!
    that is my addiction and the only medicine is to have some hehehe!
    I love the pink one on the first picture...

  14. Stephanie ~ Hehehe.. that's women! Don't forget to make an order if u need the medicine ya.. 'p

  15. Hi just... I've just follow your blog... Will you follow me back? Thank you...

    Dimana gia kadai ko tu? Nanti, plan mau jln2 untuk beli present baby sya...


You're 'bout to corner... ;p