Monday, November 01, 2010

Pink October | Mom And Her Diary's Giveaway

Since it is already the month of November, I better post bout the Pink October GA by Mrs Graig. Besides, the due date is 9 days away!

click image for further info and the T&C ya

Let see what I do have in pink  coz I'm not a pink person. Hehehe..

Showing off my MAS boarding pass. Boring jg naik AA ja! Hihihi..

Errr... Ramainya pengapit sampai tenggelam pengantin!

Anak beranak promoting the pink rack!

Last but not least...

My angel - Ryanna Adrilea

So guys.. jgn malu2 kucing. Kita join ramai2. Before 10/11/10 tau! *wink*


  1. Thanks Sis :)

    All images uploaded in my FB's page..bah, kempen la urang2 utk vote k :) All the best :)

  2. waa.. cute oh in pink..

    sya pun mau join lah ni..:)


You're 'bout to corner... ;p