Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Promoting Parrot??

Special entry for Nancy Poh!

Zillion thanks to NANCY for snappin' my blog yesterday.

How she snapped it?

Cool huh?

Not a blog review actually. But, it's enuff for promoting rite?

To be frank, I always having problem to recognise which blog URL belong to which's blogger name and blog header... specially those new blogs I'm following. But, not Nancy...

Nancy Poh ~ Telling You This

Ingat Nancy, ingat Parrot! Promoting Nancy ka Parrot ni??? *wink*


  1. Ingat Show off...mesti ko ingat sa trus tau sis...hahaha!

  2. uikss..terharu aku..THANKS n HUG for JUST..susah2 sja c JUST p snap..

  3. Hahahahaha....
    Is it parrot or burung enggang Just?

  4. Sis Mouren ~ hahahah.. uikk.. tatap tu sis!!

    Stella ~ hihi...

    Nancy Poh ~ welcome... ishh.. inda susah ba tu!

    Zezebel ~ alamak.. enggang ka tu?? confuse sia truss...


You're 'bout to corner... ;p