Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sambil Menyelam Sambil Minum Air

Hi peepss...

Currently, me busy with...

Another blog for my biz... *roll eyes* After few considerations, yes.. i think it's necessary. So that I can start promoting and marketing my biz page without strangers 'knowing' me in this blog!

I had enuff with some that are still 'peeping' my lifes! Well, that's what I have to pay for a public blog rite! Almost private my blog few months ago before I find that blogging is my mind theraphy! When I busy with blogging, I forgot my 'inner probs'! Thanks to blogging and my blogger friends.. *wink*

Hey you... you can peep me for as long as your entire life only to know that I AM ACTUALLY LIVE HAPPILY WITH MY BELOVED FAMILY!

Just taking the opps to spill out my luahan rasa hati that are still holding inside! Muahahahah...

Ok.. cut the craps!!

Well, been hunting for the best templates and I think for the time being, boleh laa... now adding in some ingredients before marketing around... hehehe...

I have just received my 1st pre-order bags yesterday! Yaayyy.. so happy ni! So, for those who had made your order and payment, I'm going to post your bag today. So, pls wait for your bag patiencely yaa... And this msg goes specially to Glay. Thanks Glay... you are among those earlybird. Don't forget to help me promote to your friends yaa.. *wink*

BO and DBO samples

Till then... Selamat Hari Ampat / Khamis! ^_^


  1. punya BO sdh kana post? x sabar ni mo tgk...wakakak!

  2. memeljoan ~ sdh post td pg! Hehehe..

  3. wah, ada stalker pula si Just nie...
    saya pun busy melampau sejak akhir-akhir nie, tapi apa nak buat...cari makan punya pasal :)

  4. Sumandak ~ itu la psl tu! Cisss...
    Apa buli buat la ba kan.. besa laitu. Ba, palan2 kio.. :D

  5. woooooooooooooooot~ can't wait for the bag! yeeehaww~ ya, kana promote tu, no worries! sa suka >_<


You're 'bout to corner... ;p