Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Taste Of Love – I can’t cook!

Is a Hong Kong drama aired on TV2 when hubby and I was 'main-main chenta' back in 2003.

Drama synopsis:

After her father's passing, kindergarten teacher Fa Ji (Flora Chan) receives partial ownership of his seafood restaurant on Lamma Island. Neither her stepmother (Suet Lei) nor her half-brother Seung Yau (Raymond Lam) know of her existence, and unsure how to face them, Fa Ji pretends to be their debtor.

Their restaurant was once the best of Lamma, but has slipped greatly in the hands of laidback, aimless Seung Yau. To save the restaurant and motivate her brother, Fa Ji hires bad-tempered master chef Ma Yau (Lawrence Ng), who is hiding on Lamma for reasons of his own.

The restaurant also becomes the refuge for bumbling aspiring singer Candy (Miriam Yeung). Amidst clattering dishes and constant bickering, close bonds develop as Seung Yau grows as a cook and Fa Ji slowly reaches through to Ma Yau's heart.

The climax was when Ma Yau's rival (Joe Ma) and ex-girlfriend (Joyce Tang) make their way to Lamma, and Fa Ji's real identity is revealed!

I memorized the male hero’s name very much – Ma Yau! Simply because he is the chef in this drama and he cooked for the one he loves.

When the drama was aired, hubby did the cooking for me at the same time too. Remember... he was trying to win my heart! Aikk.. tebalik pulak! It should have been me who do the cooking!

To tell the truth, I really can’t cook!! Sad but true… No one believes me but that’s the fact! Stel, betul ni!! Up till now, only mom and hubby do the cooking!

I don’t even good in holding knife! Kalau membunuh, boleh la! Hahahah.. Everytime hubby requested me to help out in the kitchen and everytime he saw the way I hold the knife… that’s it! He won’t let me continue.. He will rather do the whole thing alone.. and I’ll do the cleaning ‘gila2’ later! *faint*

That’s how I fall in love to Hubby I guess (I guess lg tu!). Coz he cooks for me! Well, God has his own arrangement! He  sent someone who can cook for those who can't! *wink*

And because of the drama is so ‘near’ to us, I created this with the same title as the drama.

This is our precious. I have bound everything (almost) in this book. It’s our love journey rite from the very beginning! 

It has our paper chat, notes, cards, diaries,etc up till year 2008!

As old as us!
Whenever I think we are already ‘far from each other’, I dig back this book and it has always and always bring smile to me. Yeah.. those were the days…

I pray that this love will be an eternal love. I love you Dear...


  1. Wah ada lagi kenangan buku itu kan..siuk woh


    hmm........ Everyday I expect she can cook something for me.. and yes, she did.. she cooked fried egg for me. hehehe.. okay la kan.

    pstt.. pstt... I'm really good at cooking.. buli buka bisnes katering.. *show off*

    kalau dia slices tu bawang.. mcm buli terpotong jari.. bikin takut.. terpaksa Man Behind handle semua..

    ---> LOVE YOU HONEY !!!

  3. hahaha..funny oh komen si Asai..hahaha

    OMG..seruously ba Just, ko nda pandai cooking ..aduyaii.. Nasib baik hubby ko pandai kan.
    I like the words yg 'GOD sent someone who can cook to those who can't".. Nah mmg jodoh la kamu dua tu.. Sweet! :)

  4. woohooooooo!!! sa sukaaaa~ so sweeeet >_<

  5. beaty ~ takut benda2 kicil2 terbuang.. so better kasi jadi buku! ;p

    Asai ~ kena kasi guring telur pun ok apa... masak jg kan. Hahahah.. Mmg teda bakat dlm dapur, so pigang pisau pun nda pandai la. Ajar la mcmana skali pun.. huhuhu...

    Nyway, thanks sbb masak2 utk org selalu (dulu!);p

  6. Stella ~ yes, seriously! Hahahah.. Ya ba.. nasib la dpt hubby pandai masak.. klu nda, tapau or mkn kedai ja ari2. Haahahahah.

    Glay ~ Sweet kunun kan.. sentimental ba sia ni! Hahahahah..

  7. eh,si AKi baca sini dulu baru pigi baca tu GA si Kakak Just..

    inspired trus si Aki oh..

    Hm, si Sumandak si Aki pandai juga masak,tapi si Aki lagi suka duduk di dapur,masak untuk dia,daripada dia yang masak.. si Aki tia berapa makan yang si Sumandak masak.. ^_^.v..

    Apa-apapun,sis Just sama Hubby juga la paling manang.. ^_^.v.. Hehehe..

  8. Aki ~ nda ngam taste ka klau sumandak ko yg masak.. hihihi.. waaa c aki jg yg best ni.. sumandak buli masak pun tp dia mo jg kasi masak. bagus oo.. sia manang itu buku ja ba tu. hahahaha..


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