Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Blues & Order Reminder


I hope you guys enjoy your day yesterday. As for me and family, we went to my uncle’s house at Gombak and to my in-law’s house at Sentul. Nothing much to story. Just catching up stories and makan2.

The worst part is I’m not feeling well! Dizzy, slight fever &  running nose! Huhuhu.. Don’t feel like coming to work today but I’m running out of leaves which I keep it for end of next month. MC?? Nope! Keep it for 3rd next month!! Muahahaha…

So, here I am.. drafting post for my blog at office since no update and scheduled post from me yesterday! *sigh*

My biz?? I would like to say big thanks to those who have made your order and payment. Would process them today and hope to receive them by next Wednesday. Will try my best to post them out the following day! Phewwww…

So far, good response. Thanks guys..

For those who haven’t place your order… kes memaksa! Hahaha.. you may proceed so. Get RM3 off when you order and make payment by this week. No more discount for next week order k – BO Large @ RM33.00/pc, BO Medium @ RM23.00/pc, DBO Plain @ RM43.00 and DBO Motif @ RM45.00. For clearer idea, pls click here.

Last but not least, my lil sunshine Lily able to turn her body already! Hoorayyy.. *clap hands*

Till then... enjoy your day. :D


  1. cute lah ur baby..
    wow maju bisnes owh hehe..
    sya kemarin teda p mana2 sbb nda sihat..uhuhuhuu

  2. Sis Mouren ~ Blm lg buzy telampau ni.. tp paning2 sdh. Muahahahah...

    Stella ~ Thanks Stel. Baru mo kick off ba. Blm lg maju. Sia pun nda brp sihat ni. Flu. Huhuhu..


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