Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wedding Photos Mode

It's raining heavily outside and I'm waiting for hubby to fetch me here at the office.. Huhuhuh... *bored*

I am actually in my wedding photo's mode since yesterday. *wink* There are these contests I joined which I uploaded my wed pics as the contest photos and yeah.. automatically I browse my wedding photos for the contests rite...

Moreover, The Love Story Contest by NC ended today. I can't wait to see all the participants' Love Stories  after  NC  posted  her sneak peek entry.

Eventhough participants are to email to NC their Love Story, some chose to create an entry bout it and I hope they did email to her their Love Story! *wink*

My Love Story....

Nope... these are not what I have submitted. Let it be a suprise! Waiting for NC to reveal it. Saja mau show off my wedding photos ba! Muahahahaha...

Ok... got to go.. Hubby is on the way... See yaaa...


  1. Hai Just..dedicating this message to you..."SAYA SUKA BLOG AWAK LA!"'s a new segmen from Mr. BEN ASHAARI..

    here's the link>>

  2. Nancy ~ Thanks mandak! Nnt sia buat jg! :D

    AnnieMing ~ Thanks Annie. :D

  3. Wow..santik tu Gmbr kawin ko Just.. sweet! :)

  4. Seperti yg ko sedia tau...tidak paya lah sa kasitau...sbb ko suda tau. Bah tau tau sajalah apa sy mau kasitau...

    Uhuhu! I like the bluee...

    Sis, ini Bridal studio ko pg, KK punya kah?

  5. Stella ~ Thanks Stel. Ok la.. sia menyesal nda ambik pakej outdoor. Very rushing time tu. huhuhu...

    Sis Mouren ~ Hahahahahah.. ko jeles kaitu??? Ba, nnt kamu berabis bershooting aa... kasi jeles sia.. nnt 10yr anniversary baru sia buat outdoor pnya shotting. kikikiki...

    Ever Best Bridal baini yg d siring jln sana Asia City tu... sia kelam kabut time tu.. teda p survey tmpt lain lg... huhuhuh..

  6. lawa jua bh..heheh mana gambar yang outdoor punya ???

  7. beaty ~ teda buat outdoor sbb rushing gila! nnt tggu anniversary ke-10 la.. hehhe..

  8. Haiz nampak gambar, teringin pula sa mau kahwin, hahahaha


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