Saturday, November 13, 2010

What is in Your Bag Challenge..

Well, I have actually done pretty similar to this tag last time... I checked and it was 2 yrs ago!! Hahaha... 

So, I don't mind to do it another round since I've been challenged by Stella. *wink*

Bought this handbag early this year as a gift for ownself for being 'promoted'.

I like handbag with compartments but now with BO... I can buy new handbag(s) n change them in sec!
Sempat lg promo.. ;p

More or less like yours kan?

OMG... my purse was 2 years old! The same purse as in the earlier tag I did 2 years ago! *blush*

Well, I can say I'm a loyal person. Ok.. you can puke now! LOL But, I rarely buy new one as long as I still can use the current one specially when they are still in good condition provided if I'm feel comfortable with it/them. *wink*

If those with sentimental value, lagik berat hati mau tukar.*wink*

Ok ok.. come.. let's go through one by one what are actually in my handbag.

1. The 2 years old purse
2. Wrist pouch

3. HP Nokia E66 - for family & friends (use it for a yr already n thinking to change a new one, boring sdh - klu ada untung biz! ;p)

4. HP SE S312 - for office & others

5. Pendrive 320GB - containing movies, mp3s, photos and the most important is Rayyan & Lily's photos since Day 1!

6. Pendrive 4GB (2pcs) and 256MB (1st pendrive bought in 2006 I think! - sentimental value jg ni! ;p)

Pls don't ask me why the hell with all the pendrives!

7. USB Card Reader - so that I can transfer photos taken using my HP to PC on the dot! Blogger kan?!

8. Loreal Lipstick

9. Avon Far Away mini rolled on perfume

10. Office doors access card

11. Office drawer & home keys

12. Small notepad & 4 colours-pen (imported all the way from Eaton, CP, KK!)

13. A packet of tissue

14. A packet of pantyliner

15. tic tac / clorets / etc

16. Comb

17. Last but not least, umbrella! No.. I'm not putri lilin! Huhuhu.. Even thou hubby is fetching me everyday but bukan dpn pintu ofis ok! I still have to walk. I don't mind berpanas or berhujan rintik but hujan lebat?? Naa.. here come the umbrella's role!


I hope when I get tag with sumthing like this in future, I have already change my purse! *wink*

Enjoy your weekend! ^_^

psst.. also scheduled entry!


  1. Punya banyak isi beg si Just...
    BTW, I like your bag! Santik...
    How much you buy it??? hahahahaha...

  2. uii naa..muat juga beg ko Just?..bnyk benda dlm beg ko ni...hehe

  3. ah siok..! if i got time, i'll post the same topic with u..heeee

  4. 320GB pendrive???? punya besar...i bring 3-4 pendrives in my bag too tapi kerana size dia ndak besar..paling besar pun 8GB ja ....

  5. Sis, dulu sa pun bawa 2 hp...satu personal punya & satu lagi opis punya. Nasib skrg tidak payah suda bawa2...kin susah jiwa dan raga ku saja...muahaha!

  6. (^^o) ya..same-same like mine.

  7. wah punya bnyk brg dlm bag ko haha..
    Handphone ada 2 lagi tu...
    and ada external hardisk 320Gb lg tu..
    For ur info,sya pun slu bw external hardisk sya p office. Yg 500Gb punya tp sya simpan dlm paperbag haha..sbb sempit ba handbag sya..Kicil ja.. Ko punya handbag baru lah, basar..payung pun blh masuk haha.. Owh btw, pantyliner pun actually ada tp sya tlupa kasi kluar sbb di middle ba compartment dia berzip haha..

    Now sya tau apa isi bag ko..thanks for doing this :)

  8. Sumandak ~ Hahahahahah... mau 2kg jg kali tu. kikiki.. Sia beli time sales ba tu. 60% less kali tu tp still RM90!!

    Nancy ~ Muat tp berat! Hahahhaah...

    Sheila ~ jgn malu2 aa.. buat ja.

  9. chegu carol ~ hehehehe... tamaha kan?!

    Sis mouren ~ hahahha.. ni la ni mcm mo guna hp dual sim tp nda minat pula sama brand2 yg ada dual sim ni. hmm..

    Anne ~ :D

  10. Hi Just,

    Same lah..hehe I consider loyal person juga sebab banyak barang-barang dirumah yang lama and ada sentimental value still saya pakai sampai sekarang. if you come to my house, you will see my TV..orang semua sudah pakai Flat Screen, I still use my Big Fat TV which I bought when I first got my Bonus in year 2001. Not forgotten the washing machine and Fridge...still in good condition since I bought it in my zaman anak dara lagi, Sayang mau buang bah..kalau still boleh guna kekeke..


You're 'bout to corner... ;p