Wednesday, November 10, 2010

@ Zoo Negara

I'm not in my mood to update blog today... was kinda distracted! *sigh*

So I guess I just feed you guys with photos taken during our visit to Zoo Negara on Deepavali last Friday. We spent almost 4 hours wandering at the zoo. *wink*

I remember first time been there in 2000 err if not mistaken and the entrance fees was only RM6 and now... RM20 for adult not inclusive the Butterfly Park! Gheezzz...

The tag!
The animals
I heart the centre pic... taken by me!
We brought our foods from home :D

Rayyan gained his energy after makan!


The APE zone

Souvenir?? DAMN mahal jg. I can get the same with only RM2.90 outside and they sold it at RM16.90!

Cute kan the croc?
Above : Tempat makan
Bottom : Ice cream booth. Cantik kan? But we didn't make any purchase. MAHAL!

Taken lot of photos and to upload them all is impossible! So, i just picked the above only. Penat memilih gambar. Hahahah..

Happy Wednesday peeps... ^_^

Psst.. feeling better now after receving the loooong wait parcel. *grin*


  1. wow..nice oh :)
    siok tgk family jalan2..:)
    budak2 paling happy

  2. Family outing paling best! Eh, selalu tempat2 begini pasti barang dia mahal2 kan...

  3. Stella ~ hehe.. jarang2 jg kami jln2 ni.. klu ada extra day cuti baru jln2. Klu Lily sdh besar lg siok mo bw jln2.. ;p

    Crystal ~ Mmg mahal berganda2 lg tu. pengsannn..

  4. Never been to Zoo negara yet. Wish one day I can go there. But it is hot at the Zoo, right?

    PS: Been to Zoo Melaka before.

  5. Wah best cuci mata tengok gambar-gambar si Just...
    Kalau tempat macam tu, food dia memang ada mahal sikit...sebab dorang ja yang menjual kan

  6. Zezebel ~ time yg kami pigi tu, kejap panas kejap mendung.. nasib baik nda ujan.. huhuhu...

    Zoo melaka, pernah dlm 2x la sia masuk. ;p

    Sumandak ~ hehehe.. bkn selalu tyg gmbr bnyk2 ni. Itu la ba tu.. berganda2 pnya untung oo.. sia pun mo p buka gerai sana la. hahah..

  7. Kami pun sda pigi ni time bulan 8 kali tu..public holiday klu nda silap kepenatan ni semua..ada jg sa post psl tu d blog sa :)


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