Tuesday, December 14, 2010

1001 Tuesday Tips #7

Hi all.... sorry for the late entry of my 1001 Tuesday Tips. Baru siap meeting!!  *sigh*

To my new visitors and followers, every Tuesday I will be posting Tips for you all. Any kind of tips from head to toe... from kitchen to garden... where I named it as 1001 Tuesday Tips. *wink*

Tips of the week :

How to cure sunburn??

Image credit : Google

Steamed and mashed potatoes until smooth and paste it on the affected sunburn areas.

short cut : KFC's mash potatoes?? Hihihihi...

For extra info, pls visit Sumandak's entry on potato diet.

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Till then..


  1. Kalau begitu trus buli makan ka tu yg kana burn..heeeee

  2. Baru saya tau ni...
    hmmm...lepas nie, tidak lah payah bimbang kena sunburn sebab ada tips dari si Just ;)
    Makaseh sempat promote blog :)

  3. SJB ~ try it out kio.. :D

    Gunsirit ~ ko jg la!! Hahahahah...

    Sumandak ~ Hahahah... welcome.. sinang ja ba tu!! :D

  4. wow....this is a cure i would really like to eat:)

  5. wahh....yg paling sadap bikin cure..hehehe

  6. dizzyFUNctional ~ hahahha.. you got cured and filled the empty stomach huh! LOL

    Dec Clarehova ~ ok la ba tu kan... :D


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