Tuesday, December 21, 2010

1001 Tuesday Tips #8 *updated*

Morning all....

To my new visitors and followers, every Tuesday I will be posting Tips for you all. Any kind of tips from head to toe... from kitchen to garden... where I named it as 1001 Tuesday Tips. *wink*

Tips of the week :

Smelly feet?

Image source : Google

Smear coconut oil on both feet before go to bed everynite.

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Till then.. Smile coz this Saturday is Xmas!!!


  1. Sepa ada smelly kaki ni..Angkat kaki..wakakaka

  2. What type of oil? motor oil bule kah? ehhe

  3. ya agree with gunsirit, apa jenis oil Just?..

  4. Sorry guys... to be exact... coconut oil! kalau guna motor oil, kaki jd enjin nnt! :D

  5. Bagus ni info Just, want to share it with my brother...
    Dia punya bau kaki betul2 bikin pengsan!!! Banyak jenis method sudah dia pakai...semua not OK!!

  6. Sumandak ~ sy pun baru mo try... mmg susah mo cari 'rawatan' utk kes kaki bebau ni!


You're 'bout to corner... ;p