Monday, December 13, 2010

AnnieMing Christmas GiveAway!

A good blogger friend of mine, AnnieMing is currently running a Christmas Giveaway which will be ending on 23 Dec 2010. Yayyy... another contest ending on my buffday!!!

Basically, what you need to do are... (Copy paste from AnnieMing's blog) :

1. Be my follower.

2. Like AnnieMing on Facebook.

3. Write an entry with your photo and tell a bit about this contest.

4. Put my contest badge on your blog and link to this post.

Oppsss... pls take note that AnnieMing has created hats for your photo too! It is VERY important to submit a picture of you with your loved ones with the Christmas hats on!
Here's mine...

Me and Lily at Pavilion!

So guys, hurry up! Click here to join. Mau kumpul "LIKE" lagik lepas ni... huhuhu..

Good luck to me! *wink*


  1. lagi belum antar. Suda siap tp lum kasi post..hihihi!

    *Likes* your Lily pose sana tu...bulih2 nampak juga tu mata dia besar bah. Mmg dia (@_@) cutee!

  2. wow.......akhirnya ko antar juga Just..santik..all the best...:)

  3. Sis Mouren ~ ba, jgn pulak ko lupa sis...

    Hehehe.. mata c Lily jg yg manang ni!! ;p

    Stella ~ hahahah.. ya ba! akhirnya kan!! thanks stel.. :D

  4. Aiyaa..banyak butul bah instructions..dia..

  5. wahhh .. missing xmas celebration.. xmas di tempat orang tidak semeriah di kampung.

  6. kiut o kamurang :) good luck kepada kita smua a hehe

  7. Gunsirit ~ jgn ko mcm2 sana guns... ko jg yg duluan join ni! Hahahah

    Anne ~ for sure.. :D

    nc ~ thanks.. ya... gud luck to us!

    SJB ~ hihihi.. thanks.. :D

  8. eee...kiut oo ur baby...mama dia pn apa kurang kn.hehe..nice 1!!

  9. Cindy ~ heheheh... thanks moy...


You're 'bout to corner... ;p