Thursday, December 23, 2010

Birthday Lunch Treat

By my dear colleagues of the Marketing dept!

Where? At Haji Shahrin Low Grand Restaurant, a Chinese-Muslim restaurant located at Wisma Chinese Chamber, Jln Ampang. 10 minutes drive from our office!

We planned to go there for a lunch before this but it was cancelled so this was my first time! *wink*

Ermmm... I got this 'like' feeling when I entered the restaurant. Simple restaurant without much 'wow'. But, I like it.

Top pic - colleague placing order. The girl in tudung speaks cantonese macam air!
Bottom right - cutlery cleaning

What have been ordered??

Top - Belacan Fried Rice
Bottom - Ying Yong

Top - Fried Salted Egg Tofu
Bottom Left - Butter Prawn
Bottom Right - Baby Long Beans with Udang Kering

Burppppp... excuse me! Heee....

We finished everything except the fried rice which they tapau and gave it to me! Tepksa la bawa ni tapau pi Sogo! Hahahahha...

Wanna know the total bill?

RM108 for 5 pax! Ok what!

Thumbs up to the restaurant. Will definitely bring family to dine in here in future! *wink*

To Jamie, Kak Zizah, Ms. Chee and Mr. Wong... Thank you very much for the lunch treat!! *hugs*


  1. Hmmm...membikin saya lapar dan lapar lagi..eheh

  2. Jamu mata saja lah...hehe
    I am happy you enjoy the meal (cehh, macam saya yang belanja kan...haha)

    Ngam juga ada tapau tu Just, kalau panat duduk sikijap sambil makan tu tapau...hehe

  3. wow...bestnya...:)
    Bday treat kaitu?..hehe

  4. Honey... tu yg kena TAPAU... biar hubby ko ni yg kasi settle nanti d Sogo aaa.. ngeh.. ngeh.. ngeh..

  5. Gunsirit ~ klu psl mkn kan ko misti ko yg numbur 1 komen! Miahahahah...

    Sumandak ~ hahahahha... tepa, anggap seja ko ba! itu tapau msk beg c hubby! hahahahah

    Stella ~ heheheh... yup bday treat laitu.. :D

  6. Burppp...uiks, tu bukan bunyi perut masuk angin...haha!

    Apa ko heran tu waitress pandai ckp Cantonese...ko tu pun power juga bah, pandai cakap Mandarin, ngeh ngeh ngeh!

  7. btul2 trus sa lapar tgk ba...hehehe
    btw hepy besday just..GBU..:)


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