Monday, December 06, 2010

Chipsmoring in WSB!

Morning all. Sorry, no updates or scheduled entry from me over the weekend. Having problem with my broadband or shud I say my lappy's USB port is the one having prob?!

Hate it!! I have to borrow my bro's broadband just to check my FB and blog for a while! *sigh*

So for the time being, I only can online during office hours. Huhuhuhu...

Ok.. forget about that..

When I saw a green image with all the small lil' wordings by Stella, I knew that WSB has came out with his new poster for the week!

I took a while to spot my name this time!

And it really make me down to see my name shrinking!! Since WSB is growing up, to maintain a large name is really sumthing!

I guess Stella does her best to maintain in that Community! And she deserves whatever she deserved for all that she has done to the Community!

However, me, being listed among the 25 hyperactive Wasabers by WSB is such a good news since I've been chipsmoring! Betul ba ada nama sia sana kan? Hahahah... coz up till today I haven't watch the vid yet! Sedih ooo...

Lina, ada mcm muka Melissa Saila meh?? *wink*

Anyway, will try my best to stay in WSB and 'pump' my name up! Chayo chayo... *wink*

Till then... Happy Monday!


  1. Jiayou jiayou Just! Bulih lagi tu kasi besar nama lagi. Hehee!

  2. Bh bilang c admin kan mau active d Chat Room Bah...kalu mau kasi basar nama...ala just ko balum tingu tu gambar ko d 25 Hyperactive Wasaber

  3. AnnieMing ~ gambate!!! hihihi..

    Beaty ~ sia msk chatroom, pc sia lembap ba.. doiiii... Iya, blm tgk lagi.. kesian oo.. sini ofis nda buli tgk vid...

  4. Just, ko masih belum tingu itu video 25 hyperactive wasabers?..ala... tp mmg ada muka ko sana bah..hehe

    Btw, thank you sooooo much for mentioning me here.. You're the best!.. Sya cuma slu lawat FB WSB dan komen2 sana shoutbox WSB bah tu.. tu ja.. Kalau sana chatroom jarang suda saya, sebab line digi sya ni mcm slow2 suda..

    Anyway, have a great day.

  5. Stella ~ blm lg sia tertgk2 tu vid... sia try d rmh tp lembap betul line. Huhuhuhu...

    Since sia nda buli FB, sia mo p shout2 ja la sana WSB pnya blog.. ;p


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