Monday, December 20, 2010

Dragon Ballz All in One DVD

That’s the prezzy I handed to hubby on his buffday after we came back home from office last Friday! He was sooo happy and surprise the minute he unwrapped the prezzy!


Well, it was last two weeks Sunday when we went to Jusco. I was actually planning to buy him a set of pen! Was cracking my head low and high on how to get rid of him. Dushhhh!!

While wandering, we dropped by at the entrance of Speedy. There he saw this Dragon Ballz DVD! The complete set - episode 1 to 153 with Malay & English Subtitles!! Selling at RM89.90 with 50% discount!! Wooohooo…. Worth buying kan??!!


Of coz he wanted to buy it but I told him ‘later la’. Month end ka… luckily he said ok. So, we moved to other section. That was when I told him to wait for me coz I’m going to the toilet, kunun! Lol… You know what happened next rite?! Hihihihi…

He has wanted to buy one for so long. Great to fine one AND with discount!! *wink*

Before that, I have actually already placed a box of handmade cookies (supporting officemate punya pasal!) with a card on his cupboard, in the morning! So, I guess that drove him to surprise coz he didn’t expect anything else from me. *grin*

The card

The Homemade Cookies

Besides, we went for lunch also on the same day! Of coz it was my treat! Di mana lagik kalau bkn Starbucks! Our fav! Time constraint, so tidak bulih banyak songeh! Hee…

Hubby's Nasi Lemak

My fav Fish n Chips

This coming Thursday, will be mine pulak! ^_^


  1. Thanks honey for the gift !!!! LUV U SO MUCH !!

  2. hehehe...alasan ke toilet mmg alasan yg slalu kana pakai kan....
    so sweet..:)

  3. Asai ~ Welcome dear. Luv u too.. ;p

    Baby Yats ~ heheheh... klu bg alasan yg unik, takut kena saspek pulak... hahaha...

  4. Wow congrats to ur hubby..dpt present kesukaan lg tu and yg plg tidak dpt menolak ialah makan haha.. Birthday treat is a must ba kan.. haha..

    Sya punya hubby bday celebration lg blm post haha.. tertinggal gmbr d rumah, nda dpt post skrg..aduiyaii.. nnti lah d rumah..hehe

  5. Oh ya kalau alasan p toilet tu sya nda boleh pakai tu Just. Hubby sya akan tunggu depan toilet..hahaha... susah sikit.. Dia risau sya hilang hahaha..

  6. Stella ~ Yup, birthday treat is a must! Woow... so sweet ba ur hubby tggu dpn toilet!

  7. Wow! dia minat kah Dragon ball? Hmmm...yummy..lapar sya sya mau pigi ke ef si laini..

  8. He will cherish your present for him always!

  9. Hi just,

    wahhh..sweet one ni..hehe wink2x. My brothers also love Dragon Ball.. dulu banyak betul buku2 dragon ball dirumah..:D

  10. gunsirit ~ yup, peminat kunun tu sampai msh ingat tu storyline! klu lapar, kurik biskut dlm tin aa.. ;p

    reanaclaire ~ thanks reana.

    Nora ~ hehehe... klu buku, teda tmpt mo store oo.. nasib baik jmpa ni DVD. :D

  11. Happy buffday to both of u and happy holidays ya, wah santik owh tu wrapping paper and talking about Jusco, I missed 'her' so much wakaka my fav place bah tu to shop hehehe


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