Wednesday, December 29, 2010

GA here, GA there... Contest here, Contest there...

You wonder why I rajin join GA here, GA there... contest here, contest there?? I tell you why...

1. When I don't have any idea to blog out, GA and contest is what I do.. I purposely created another blog for it coz I want to avoid the too-many-banners at my sidebar on my "Cornering blog". Sorry to say that...  Maybe I'm ok with that but not to some of my fellow visitors.... So, better that way la kan...

2. Just hoping for luck... *wink* So far, I don't have luck in GA. But at least, ada jugak contest yg sangkut! Heee... Frankly, I prefer contest than GA! Sort of regret jugak coz I should organize contest rather than GA that day yang for the BO tu... ok ok.. past is past..

3. Some organizers are even kind enuff to give extras than what has been promised. In fact, there are also organizers willing to giveaway sample of products from their online shops to all the participants! Wohooooo...

4. Last but not least, FOR FUN! Kalah menang, adat la kan! 

Speaking of item 3, I have received souvenirs from Giveaway Murah Hati that I joined early this month.

Products from her online shop : kamiherba
-Detox foot patch
-Slimming patch
-Slimming soap
The organizer also giving away free photo watermark for all the participants!! *clap hands* This is what I wanted!!

Before she started with the design, I have roughly gave her the idea coz I want it for my Just's Shoppe!

The sample took from her blog
Can't wait for the photo watermark to be emailed to me! Yayyy...

Cau cin cau.... *wink*


  1. Wow! Go! Go! GA!..apa tu GA? Hehhe....tapi ko memang rajin bah Just...

  2. cathJ ~ itu watermark ka yg nice?

    gunsirit ~ rajin ba klu buat keja d luar bidang keja!! wahahahahaha... GA = lady gaga! Hahahahah... GA=giveaway ba!

  3. Ya Just, mana-mana GA or contest yang saya limpasss mesti ada nama ko nie...hehehe
    But thats why I am happy having you around, sebab rajin support kawan-kawan...

    Well, I hope you win something in my GA :)


You're 'bout to corner... ;p