Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Hi guys…

Something came up this morning and ruined my mood! I got completely emo and now only I realize that it is all because of my monthly Aunt Visit! *sigh*

Anyway, to my dearest hubby… Happy Birthday to you!

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Yes… It’s his birthday today. The 32nd birthday! Not 23rd ya!! Pls bear that in mind! Hehehe…

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Well, both hubby and I are not good in giving surprises! But, at least I did it once and made him blushed! Hahahah...

For today, nope.. no cake ordered. No special celebration. Present? Yes definitely! But, will post it later k..

Till then, happy Friday. *wink*


  1. Ctau hubby ko Happy Birthday :)
    Semoga kamu bahagia selalu meniti hidup yang penuh ranjau nie (errrk, lain mcm ni ayat)

    Kodut gia untuk saya...hahahahaha

  2. yeay!! 2day me n ur hubby going 2 sit back and enjoy all the wishes..hahaha

  3. Thanks honey... luv u... muaaahh !!

  4. happy birthday to Mr. Just hehehe
    ok juga bah 23rd...young at heart saja....

  5. Sumandak ~ hahahaha... hidup penuh ranjau aa! ba, buli ba.. nnt sia kasi ringan tgn!

    Lina ~ birthday ko jg ni ari?? Happy birthday to u too... wish u makin santik! :D

    Asai ~ welcome dear.. :D

  6. eB@mamaAerish'n'Aed ~ thanks eB! :D

    chegu Carol ~ hehehe.. thanks carol. :D

  7. Happy bday to ur hubby Just. Sama date kan sama hubby sya hehehe.. I mentioned u in my post.. :)

  8. Meaningful tu katun2 di atas...haha

    Bah, pigi lah d Starbuck (^^)

  9. gunsirit ~ Thanks guns.

    Stella ~ ya.. sia ingat jg... happy buffday to ur hubby too!! :D

    sis mouren ~ hehehe... indeed! Sdh sis! kenyang sdh n ngantuk skrg! @-@

  10. happy bday to ur hubby too :)
    hope the two of you will be happy always :)

  11. Thanks for the wishes..! and a blessed happy bday to Mr. Just heheheh.. ;)


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