Sunday, December 12, 2010

The History of Just's Corner

Luckily I browsed through Stella's old posts. I missed this tag by her!

It's kinda blog-history-tag!

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1. Your blog's title and why you choose it?..

"Learning is the Process of Life" was my blog title when I first created this blog and later on decided to change it to Just's Corner coz I think Just's Corner sounds more... "Dekat Di Hati"!! Muahahhaah... Naa.. I don't really know why I changed it!

2. You blog's URL and where you get it?..

Coz JUST is TO STORY! Who else but me sharing you guys with my stories. However, I am still considering to change it to just2corner! What you think??

3. What is your writing's method?..

I think I write more on my life stories simply coz this is my blog! Itu method ka tu? Muahahahah...

4. What do you think if you saw other's blog are more beautiful and attractive than yours?

Jealous! But yeah.. everyone has their own style in decorating their blog. If I think I can do mine better, will surely try an error!

5. When is your blog created?..

The first entry in this account was on 22 July 2008!

6. Who is the first person knows about your blog and followed?..

Mama Mia was the first one to know coz I had actually 'discussed' it with her via YM chat which later on she also signed up for a blogspot account!

Really missed her in blogsphere! For some reasons, she has now shutted down from blogging. Hoping for her come back! She is actually my ex-hsemate back in UPM!

My first follower should be Titty! She is also now not-so-much in blogging coz she is busy with her mommy-student-employee-lifes! Mcm c Sis Mouren jugak...

7. Please tag 5 bloggers. (those who've been tagged please answer the same questions..)

Again... feel free to tag yourself!
At least, I'm recalling those yg almost dilupakan! Hahahah...

Happy Sunday!

Another scheduled entry!


  1. Really nice to look back to the first entry in our blog. Mine was on 25 March 2008 heeee...

  2. Gunsirit ~ ya.. itu laitu... thanks for your 1st entry link.. nnt sia p cubuk2 aa..

    CathJ ~ Thanks moy.. :D

  3. Thanks for doing the tag..baru lah sya tau sejarah blog kau haha..:)

  4. Stella ~ welcome... heheheh.. ok jg kasi refresh utak! :D


You're 'bout to corner... ;p