Monday, December 06, 2010

I am the lucky Nuffnangers!!

Why?? Coz I’m among the 250 lucky Nuffnangers who has received complimentary TGV Cinemas passes for this month’s birthday babies!!

Yes, December is my birthday month! And same goes with Hubby!

Will definitely go and collect the passes before they expired on the 23rd (my birthday) and will be out for MOVIES with Hubby!!! Sama siapa lagik kan… Hoorayyy…

Suprise email from Nuffnang
For info… Every month, starting December 2010, 250 Glitterati Nuffnangers residing in the Klang Valley who are celebrating their birthday will be randomly chosen to receive FOUR complimentary passes valid at all TGV outlets nationwide! It's a surprise from Nuffnang and TGV!

Nuffnang will be notifying Nuffnangers who receive this Birthday Surprise via email every month, so you’ll have another thing to look forward to when you celebrate your birthday.

Image source : click here

So, I’m the earliest lucky batch!!! Lucky ooo kan??! Thanks to Nuffnang and TGV! *hugs*


  1. wah best oo...
    congrats Just :)
    bila lah sy dapat something from nangnak nie...

  2. thniah ye..
    syu pon besday bln nie jgk..
    tp xdpt pon..huhu~

  3. Thanks guys...

    Sumandak, ada ba tu nnt.. tunggu... :D

    Syuhada, opps... tggu nx yr la pulak ek.. :D

  4. o month is my bday tapi ini untuk yang stay kat KL ja kan..hehe

  5. Ellen ~ blm rezeki laitu.. tp ada rezeki dr tmpt lain pulak kali.. hehehe...

    AnnieMing ~ Thanks Annie.. :D


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