Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Kencing Tidak Lawas

Morning guys.

Nota tangan : Peserta2 GA sila bersabar ye! Full listing lepas ni k.

Am I scared you with the my title above? Well, "Urinary Tract Infection" is what I browse for after I signed in to my blogger account this morning.

Yesterday, I kept on going to the Ladies. Frequent than usual except when I was pregnant! It continues until night time when I was at home. (p mana lagik kan mesti la d rmh!)

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In fact, it's gettin' worse. I experienced slight pain towards end of my passing. Feeling really uncomfortable of passing! The altered appearance in the urine freak me out! Is that blood? Oh no... what's happening?

I told mom and hubby. Mom asked if I'm having my monthly visit which the two-weeks-monthly-visit just over a week ago! Hubby asked me to go to the panel clinic first thing tomorrow (today). Mom? Worries, as usual.

So, "Urinary Tract Infection" is what I browse for after I signed in to my blogger account this morning. Macam repeat sentence ja ni. Mmg pun! Hihihihi..

In general, the most common symptoms of a urinary tract infection involve the process of urination:

•Pain or a burning feeling during urination

•A feeling of urgency, or feeling the need to urinate frequently

•An altered appearance of the urine, either bloody (red) or cloudy (containing pus)

•Pain or pressure in the rectum (men) or in the area of the pubic bone (women)

•Passing only a tiny amount of urine even when the urge to urinate is strong

I ticked 3 the above! Going to see doc in a while! *sigh*

Check out this link for more info.

Till then... Cheers! WW is back! *happy*


  1. Susah juga tu kan kalau balik-balik pigi kencing.
    Mau tidur pun susah.

  2. Hope everything will be ok sis

  3. U.T.I, kalau kena ni mesti minum banyak banyak cranberry juice.

  4. ya, this penyakit bahaya . Female selalu kena ni infection.. so mau selalu jaga kebersihan dan selalu bnyk minum air.

    Take care Just. Recover fast.

  5. kalau kurang2 ja minum2 air pun buli kena ni. bah hopefully all is well when u meet the doctor ok. :)

  6. sis, dulu pn saya kena ni...dr di smc sana bagi sa ubat yang mo minum macam eno ni..di farmasi banyak jual tu...nama dia URAL..cuba gia ko p tya2..trus ok ni..ramai kawan sa kena dan sa suruh mrk try..oklah juga..baik juga kalo utk yang kena batu di pundi pelawas kencing ni...

  7. Kadang2 yg pregnant selalu kena ni..apa2 pun take care kio ;p

  8. Zezebel ~ klu sdh tidur, nda la sbb tidur mati! Muahahaha...

    Rosc ~ thanks aunt!

    SJB ~ cranberry juice? Hmm... nnt sia cari kunun... klu nda pun, minum air besa bnyk2 ja la..

  9. Hope everything is fine Just...
    Telampau stress kali...

  10. Stella ~ ni laini minum bnyk air kunun... thanks kio.

    Chegu Carol ~ Thanks. sia rasa psl sia nda bnyk minum air ba ni. Huhuhuhu..

    Ellen ~ thanks sis. will take note of the URAL. for this round, sia mkn dulu tu ubat yg doc bg... :D

    Mrs. Graig ~ time sia preggy, keputihan yg teruk. Doiii... nyway, thanks... :D

  11. Sumandak ~ stress sbb keboringan kali... muahahahah...

  12. lagi info tentang kencing tidak lawas di SIHAT SELALU - Masalah Kencing Tidak Lawas


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