Thursday, December 09, 2010

New Lucky Winner for GA??

Well, I am still waiting for the Lucky Winner and another two Consolation Winners to email  me their particulars for winning-prize-mailing purposes.

I have actually 'shouted' them! If there is still no response by this Sunday will have look out for NEW Lucky Winner on next Monday. The other two Consolation Winners will be ignored! Sorry guys...

The rest of Winners, pls be patience ya... *wink*


  1. Aik lum lagi dorang mail ko ka Just..aya dorang lepas peluang ni Just..hehehbagus bagi sa..heheh..indak bh main ja

  2. Stella ~ mcm besa ko antara yg terawal.. :D

    beaty ~ itu laitu... rugi kan??

    eB ~ ok thanks.. :D

  3. woooooot~ ohya, next year macam sy maw bili lagi tu BO owh hehe~ :D

  4. syuhada ~ hehehe... tgguuuu...

    Glay ~ buli ba kalau ko... :D


You're 'bout to corner... ;p