Friday, December 24, 2010

The Presents

Heheheheh... I told you I'm not getting any surprises from Hubby.

So, yesterday, we purposely didn't drive to work. We purposely took LRT/bus to office. Why? Coz we wanted to go to SOGO! Heeee... To avoid the jam, we prefer taking LRT.

The buffday girl with her banana split and ice blended mocha expresso @ Secret Recipe

Almost went back with zero-handed! Phewww... I am very fussy when it comes to handbag. Only managed to grab what i want at the 2nd round! Hubby almost give-up already. Huhuhu...

So, the new handbag replacing my current one will be....

Have tried not to pick white or black colour handbag!
Polo handbag @ RM83++ after 70% less!

BO inside the handbag!
On top of that, I got new purse as well, replacing my 4-years-old-purse. Ngeh ngeh...

So red!!! BUM purse @RM49++ after 50% less

Thanks so much hubby! I love you! *wink*


  1. wow! congrats...bnyk hadiah ni..hehe

  2. Kizz ~ yep indeed! :D

    Stella ~ Hehehhe... buli la... :D

  3. have a wonderful holiday my fren... mau order bag ni.. nanti I visit.. :D

  4. CathJ ~ thanks fren! ba, sia suka ja ada order! hee...

  5. Wah...dapat birthday present about x'mas present..ada dpt kah...hehheh..but for me...i got nothing...hehehe.. it's ok bah kah...

  6. Julie ~ bday present ja dpt.. xmas present teda. Teda dpt doesn't mean not good! So, teda apa2 ba tu... :D


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