Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rayyan Listed in Top 50 Show Your Teeth Baby Contest!

It was a contest I entered last month which ended 3/12/2010. Due to busy-ness, the blog owner only revealed the Top 50 this morning.

The 25 among the Top 50. Spot Rayyan??

I am so happy that Rayyan is in the list! Being listed in Top 50 out of 156 participants?! Phewww... Juling mata ooooo.... @.@

Next, I hope Rayyan will be listed in the Top 25! *tamaha*


  1. Wow, mencabar punya contest tau ni. Mcm ratu cantik...lepas top 25 pigi top 15 kah?

    All the best to Rayyan!! (Eh! to mommy dia lah sbb mom dia yang kasi register tu contest..ekekeke!)

  2. Congrat to Ryan, ada org tua punya contest juga ka? Hehhe

  3. Sis Mouren ~ sia pun nda tau brp kali mo kena saring ni! heee...

    gunsirit ~ teda urg sanggup organize utk urg tua pnya! hahahhaha...

    Sumandak ~ Klu GA, mmg sia teda luck.. klu contest, ada jg yg sangkut! :D


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