Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rayyan's Ping-Pong-Ball-Forehead!

Kinda busy today! Been called to sit in a meeting and take minutes this morning!! Arghhhh… It has been so long since the last meeting I entered! The meeting took more than 2 hours to adjourne! I hate it coz I didn’t know head and tail! *slap forehead*

Speaking of forehead, Rayyan had his forehead swollen!! Oucchhhhh!!! It was last Sunday when we were back from Jom Heboh (will post an entry for this later).

He was sitting nicely on the floor while playing his Snap cards and out of sudden with a blink of eyes, I heard this small banging sound! Mom was already carrying him. Rayyan was holding his forehead and crying.

At first, I thought, we all thought… it would be just a normal banging! But then it really surprises us to see the forehead with a ‘ping pong ball’ on it!! OMG!!!!

Taken at clinic

Ok... he did several times knock his head but this is the very first time he got such an injured!

Mom turned pale! Hubby already raised his vol! Tekejut kan? Wait no more, we quickly headed to the clinic. The doc got surprise too! Doc prescribed ubat surut bengkak and tahan sakit. Doc also issued us with a refer letter to go for X-ray at the hospital.

Make it short, we did the X-ray and Alhamdulilah Rayyan is doing good! *relief*

As at last nite, there is no more ping-pong-ball on the forehead but blueish with lil swollen… I rather hurt myself than to see him with his ping-pong-ball-forehead! *crying inside*


  1. Kesian dia, you may use a clean cloth, soak it in a salty warm water and apply it on the swollen part, it help to minimise the swelling...:)

  2. OMG! Besar juga...
    Nasib tiada apa-apa kan...
    Next time, be extra careful. Tau lah budak-budak, selalu buat yang unexpected thing...

  3. aduiii..kesiannya dia...
    mcm tu ari anakku pun gtu just jatuh d tangga...
    aku guna tu telur rebus kasi suam2 ckit lapik ma kain takan2 pelan2 d benjolnya tu...
    tp petua urg tua2 lepas jatuh trus sapu dgn rambut kita jd nda brapa benjol kunun...:)

  4. Ala..sian juga sama bb ko ni..Dui harap ok la Just..mesti sakit tu kan

  5. Wow..Kiz was suprised too..that was soo big.Like it is really a ping pong inside his(his or her?) forehead..

  6. Wow! That's just a big bang on the forehead.... Oh goodness! Hope everything is just fine:) Poor Ryan....

  7. gunsirit ~ thanks for the advice guns. nda sdh bengkak skrg tp biru la. tu darah takajut baitu kan. hehehe..

    sumandak ~ teda apa2 mo becareful time tu sbb dia mmg duduk kuai2 d lantai.. ntah mcmana dia buli kiss tu lantai.. salah teknik duduk kali.. huhuh..

    babyyats ~ itu petua rambut nda pernah pulak aku dgr.. itu telur pernah la.. hehe.. thanks aa.. :D

  8. beaty ~ sakittt lg ati sia.. mcm sia mo ganti dia ja.. huhuhu...

    kiz ~ heheh.. big for a while only... shocking-blood i guess! hehehe... no more pingpong ball on his forehead now.. :D

    getzz ~ indeed a big bang with small banging sound! huh! He is doing fine now.. notty as usual.. thanks for the concern.. :D

    edy ~ besar kejap je.. skrg dah normal. :D

  9. Aduh...kesian si kecil. Eh..mulut dia pun bengkak kah?.

  10. hi there..kesian Rayyan. anyway, nice blog u have..follow me back: http://aemyifo.blogspot.com ^^

  11. SJB ~ nda bengkak mulut dia tu.. itu bekas cleft ba tu... cleft lip ja.. palate dia ok... mo tggu nx mth pnya appointment mo tgk apa doc advise..

    aemy ~ thanks for dropping by.. will visit u back.. :D

  12. laa..sian si rayyan..harap2 dia ok suda..

  13. Stella ~ itu la.. kesian kan.. mo menangis sia tgk.. tp now ok sdh.. teda sdh bola tu.. tp biru la! huhuh..


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