Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Saya Nak Masuk Bloglist Ellen

A dear blogger friend, Ellen has invited me to join her Segmen Khas Ellen. I missed the Part I actually. Luckily she is generous enuff to ‘create’ the Part II which will be closing at 12.35am on 25/12/2010.

I might not creative in posting entry but hey… the support that counts rite! Besides, she has indirectly referred 10 participants for my Just Corner BO Giveaway and won herself a BO for being the Top Referrer! (Sis, ko sdh dpt tu BO ka?) So, this is my payback time!! *wink*

Since she constantly updates her blog, honestly, I missed quite a nos of her entries! *sigh* Sometimes, sempat ‘shout’ saja! *sorry Ellen*

OMG!! 14 BEs??? I would never imagine if I could get that much of BEs from Nuffnang!! I got really inspired with that! I hope one day I can post an entry with the title ‘Just’s Corner’s 14 BEs from Nuffnang!’ *angan2 mat jenin la pulak!*

Ok.. what else? Giving comment(s)?! I am never good in commenting! *sigh* What to comment about Ellen’s blog ya?? Hmm…

1. Simple and minimal decorated blog but I like! Sejuk mata memandang coz x sarat dgn benda2 lain.

2. Information-oriented! Good one! Keep it up sis! Perhaps, you can balance it up with your personal-family-routine-activities stories.. cadangan semata2. Hihihi... 

3. Last but not least... create signature for your post! 

Phewww.... punya susah when it comes to commenting!

Anyway, by creating and submitting this entry, i might won myself one of the following. Oppss... the amount stated is for mobile top up ok!

** Entry Paling Kreatif-------RM30.00
** Backlink terbanyak yang Ellen dapat dari Entry tersebut ----RM20.00
 ** Peserta Terawal-----RM20.00 (sudah dikebas org lain!)
 ** 3 entry terbaik-----RM10.00 setiap satu.
Ok... now senang hati coz assignment done! Yeay! *wink*


  1. wah..TQ sis join segmen ni..best2...

  2. just..
    kita da dapat mini tote bag tu..
    sgt cantik..
    me da vote ur picca..
    gud luck...

  3. Ellen ~ welcome Ellen! Kasi aramaitii ba!

    Ekinashikin ~ thanks sbb inform ye.. glad u like it! Thanks for the voting as well.. :D

    Zezebel ~ thanks mandak..

    AnnieMing ~ thanks moy..

  4. ALL TE BEST Just..hehehe..

    Cuti p mana?.. :D

  5. Stella ~ thanks moy... cuti jln2 d mall ja.. :D


You're 'bout to corner... ;p