Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wrappin' Up 2010

First of all, I would like to CONGRATZ Harimau Malaya, our national football team for winning the AFF Suzuki Cup! It's a 14-years wait! And thanks to our PM for declaring a HOLIDAY TOMORROW!! Save jugak my 1-day leave!

But HR haven't confirm that! The co has the right not to cancel those who has submitted earlier leave if the holiday declared is not gazetted????!! What the F*ck! Sorryyyy... betul2 bikin panas!! 

Ok... back to track... Malas mau fikir!

This will be my last entry for this year as I will on leave starting noon today and only coming back to office on  the 6th! I didn't prepare any sheduled posts during my away. So, my blog will be missing me! Or should I say me missing my blog!! Yayyy..

So many things had happened this year! The good and the bad.

The bad... the thing that I never thought will happen to me and my family. It's not that I never thought it won't happen at all coz I know nothing is perfect in this world. But I don't expect it will happen as early as in 3 years!! - Sorry guys. I will keep on creating ayat2 tergantung' coz banyak hati & perasaan yg kena jaga!- Yayyy... ayat skema!

No matter how I wish it didn't happen but I couldn't change the fact and the history! So, it still there, somewhere around my life! The impact causing huge scar in my entire life! But still... life has to goes on no matter how bad kan (padahal ada lagi org lain lagi bernasib buruk). So, yeahhh... I'm still holding on and hoping it won't happen again in future coz I really can't take it... seriously!!

OMG... ter-emo la pulak!! Need to quickly change the topic!

So, the good one??? We have new family member this year! Who else kalau bukan our Ryanna Adrilea @ Lily! She is now coming to 6 mths old. Despite of the surprise pregnancy, we couldn't say no to it kan... So, we can now spotting package for 2 adults and 2 children! Yayyyyy...

Happy family by Google

That's it for 2010! Hoping for a new beginning in 2011! Chowwww.... Happy New Year and Happy Holidays!!


  1. Ayat-ayat gantung tu biar lah urang sendiri yang merungkai nya...ahak! Nda pandai sa berkata-kata ari ni...sebab BISUK CUTI!!!

    Tp kan Sis, sial tul, ada pula kunun2 bilang tunggu dulu HR kasi notice to confirm bisuk cuti...aikk! besar betul kah pangkat dorang drp pada PM?!!! Kalau suda declare PH, PH lah bah..WTH! Nah, sa pun ikut panasssssss!!!

  2. Lets leave all the 2010 memories behind... jadi kan teladan utk 2011...

    Have a wonderful holiday and HAPPY NEW YEAR Just... & family...

    Oh I love that package.. 2 adult...2 kids...hihihi...

  3. Sis Mouren ~ Itu psl! Siap ckp mo call ministry human resource dulu kunun!!! Yayyyyy!! Apa2 pun, cuti jg sia bisuk!! Hoorayyyy...

    CathJ ~ Thanks. Happy New Year to your family too.. coming soon, ko pun dpt package yg sama!! Heheheheh...

  4. Saya pun banyak cerita 2010 and like you, biarlah tersimpan dalam lipatan sejarah :)

    About the cuti, my boss pun TAKAZUT bila saya inform dia...hahaha. Nasib dia no komen, means bisuk buli bangun lambat tanpa susah hati. Most important, malam ni buli main game sampai bisuk...hihihihihi (untuk lepas geram ja bah tu)

  5. yaiii cuti. saya memang abis cuti sudah...haha..ngam la di bagi cuti umum

  6. Sumandak ~ apa cerita game ko??? hihihi...

    zezebel ~ bnyk lg cuti for this year kan?? hehehhe..


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