Friday, December 24, 2010

Xmas Lunch @ Office

Before it got stale after Xmas, need to post this ASAP! Hee...

Since most of the staff has already taking leaves yesterday, so the company has arranged a Xmas lunch on Tuesday.

It was the most fun and enjoy Xmas celebration ever! My boss, Datuk Teh,  the founder of the company, was there with us too. For records, he never join us for lunch! Always find an excuse not to be there! So, since he is in good mood, we really took the advantage of his attendance. *smiling ear-to-ear*

Let's the photo talks...

The xmas tree and exchange-gift presents

My boss is not really fond in decorating the office when it comes to any celebrations. Hence, the Xmas tree is such a WOW!!

Top left : My boss 'launched' the ceremony by carving the turkeyBottom : Apa lagi... makan!!! Enjoyed the friend prawn very much!

We also had the exchange gifts during the makan-makan. Before that, all presents have been named accordingly. Each of us will have to pick a name from the box. That person with the name picked will have to step out and hand his/her gift to the person who picked his/her name!

The happy faces!
Next, photo snapping session…

We also managed to get a Group Photo for our Construction Division. Only 2 person is not in the photo. Bukan senang mau gambar ada Datuk!

Me dekat2 sama Boss!

The unwrapped of gifts! I'm the only one with two gifts. Datuk's one was given to me! Thanks Datuk! Hee...

My gift!! I loike it very much!! The pink and the cat really remind me of Annieming!

Datuk's gift which handed to me - the lunch box set & Johnson lotion

Overall, all of us went back to our workstation with happy faces! *wink*


  1. best nya kamurang.ada gift exchange lagi ah...

  2. wow..bestnya.........bnyk hadiah...:)

  3. Wow, such an enjoyable day....kasi lapar2 sya lagi..eheh

  4. Bestnya ada hadiah kiut lagi hadiah ko tu just..sweet betul ni

  5. Saya jeles o tingu...hehe
    Opis kami mana ada makan2 apatah lagi exchange gift...hehe


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