Friday, January 21, 2011

Ask A Blogger

Thanks to Michelle Sung for the Tag...

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~Two questions about your blog~

What is your blog's title and reason to make it yours

Just's Corner: It's my corner, obviously!! Heee...

Your blog is categorized as a? ;personal, photography, food, place, fashion etc...


 ~Randomly about you~

Your favorite colors.

Always Blue and Purple... surprisingly not for wardrobe! *scretching head*

What is your happiest childhood memory?

Kalau time balik kg for CNY gathering. Siok jumpa cousins. Siap nyanyi lagu Sudirman "Balik Kampung" lagik ramai2...

What is your all time favorite song? Link it from youtube etc.

- Can I say I don't know??? Seriously!! Normally, my answer would be Sweet Child O'Mine - GNR... but now the answer belongs to "favorite song during exercise/working out" LOL

What was the last song you heard?

Six Sense - Menyesal @ this morning

What is your favorite song during exercise/working out?

Sweet Child O'Mine - GNR

What song will you hear to get you sleep at night?

Jarang layan lagu just to get sleep sbb senang ja mau tidur skrg. Penat layan anak2 ba... Heee...

Who was the last person you messaged?

My dear 'privated' blogger friend. Dia order Maajun ba! Hihihi..

What was the best vacation you ever had?

Errr... Langkawi?! Went there for our 1st Wedding Anniversary in 2008. I was carrying Rayyan in belly. So, nda puas! Hahaha... Will go there again this coming July with family! Nda sabar ooo...

Food and beverages?

Fish & Chips (Secret Recipe punya!) and P.R.A.W.N!!
Soya Bean  / Teh-C Ping...

~Your favorite quote~

image credit : google

~Your inspiration photo~

image credit :

Family is the best assets despite all other props! *pray*

~A smiling picture of you~

Feel free to tag yourself... Happy weekend in advance to you all... *wink*

p/s : pardon me for the spacings... i am just lazy to adjust them... ;p


  1. wah nanti sa buat ni..lum g sempat sa buat ni..uinaa catik tu gambar smiling heheh

  2. Dalam banyak2 lagu, itu lah bah yang ko terdengar di ah...MENYESAL! hahahah

  3. hahah...nice tagging....Nanti saya buat...heheh

  4. sya pun mo buat nnti..i like the quotes! :)

  5. beaty ~ ba buat la... hihihi... cuba klu gmbr nangis, misti bidaa kan.. hahahah..

    Sis Mouren ~ hahahahah... itu la psl... kekekek...

    Julie ~ ba buat la... :D

  6. na santik ba senyuman si mandak ni tau..ehehehe

  7. Akemi ~ Thanks.. :D

    Hot Mama ~ Heheheh... senyum kambing sia sini kena puji! :D

  8. yuhuuuuu~thanks for doing this sis! love ya...muaaaahXD miahahaha

    adidi sumil itu inspiration photo hehe...don't forget to share ur trip yg mau pgi lgkawi lagi ah hehehe

    Have a great weekend! ;)

  9. mau buat bergantung pd kerajinan..haha

  10. Nice~!! Sa pun interested mau buat. But wait till my 30 days blog challenge is over dulu hehe..

  11. Bah2, Just... payah2 sya cari balik blog URL ko, sya nda ter-save kali atau ada kena tukar lagi ka hehe... sekali klik, blog not found... tulah nda ter-follow ko hehehe...

    *Purple pun sya suka, fish & chip pun nyum2 hehe....

  12. I like your quote, but I dislike tagging myself hehehe...banyak butul bah sualan dia..Morning Just!

  13. Michelle ~ No probs ba! Buli ba kalau ko! :D

    Ken ~ Nnt klu rajin, buat la aa... ;p

    Annieming ~ heheheh.. no hurry!

  14. Crystal ~ sorry moy.. sia guna blk url lama... lupa sia kasitau ko.. hihihi..

    gunsirit ~ heheheh.. tepa ba.. no forcing2 jg.. :D


You're 'bout to corner... ;p