Friday, January 28, 2011

$$$ & Blogging

Well, I don’t think I am qualified to post this entry coz honestly, I didn’t generate much from blogging.

Since there are few bloggers friend requested me to share bout the paid post thingy. Ya, why not… For info, I didn’t get paid for sharing this ok… *wink*

As you all aware, Nuffnang is a yes! You gain some $$$ from there. But according to redmummy who earned RM12,000 by blogging, paid post is the actual contributor to her earning.

image credit : google

What is paid post?

Create an entry by reviewing a product and get paid for your review / entry. (this is what I say bout it)

Where/How to get a paid post?

You guys can sign up your blog at any of the following sites : Read the T&C ya!

1. Payperpost

2. Buyblogreviews

3. Socialspark

4. Blogsvertise

5. Smorty

6. Snapbomb

I bet there are a lot more out there.

Next stage, wait for their approval. Once approved, you guys shall wait for any opportunities/assignments from the sponsor / advertisers. They will notify you through email.

What you do when you get an opportunities / assignments?

Read the details and instruction. 1-2 links of the product will be given for your easy references. Write your entry/review bout the product with the link given and you are done. Submit the permalink as instructed.

Wait for approval and payment. If there is any problem, you could amend your post and resubmit your link.

If you are not interested for the opportunities, just ignore the email. Senang cerita!


The advertiser will first place the amount for each opportunities/assignment. The exact amount will be transferred to your paypal if your entry has been approved. So don’t forget to sign up for paypal.

The more traffic you have the more chances to get ‘high pay’ opportunities.

In case you wonder, no.. I haven’t withdrawed my earnings yet. Masih sikit lagik. Blm pun USD50! Hahahahah…

Aduii.. punya skema this entry! Itu saja la.. penat I! sebarang soalan, komen jer.. and pls correct me if I'm wrong or add details if you wish too… am just not good in explaining. *wink*

Good luck with your paid post guys!


  1. gitu pula, mau try reg la salah satu tu..

  2. kasi skema lagi..

    neway, nice info bha ni..

  3. Mcm ko sis, ada masa...mcm sa pula...I wish I have a twin sister ;-p

  4. Ngam juga ni, sambil2 blogging dapat duit. Yg penting mesti ada kesungguhan bah kan..bah mari kita semua cuba..

  5. YA..All the best...hehhe.saya pun ada buat tu...baru juga...

  6. Stella ~ sia recommend socialspark & blogvertise. try la..

    mr_mrs. mikko ~ hihihhi.. nda buli skema selalu tu.. hahahah.. seja sharing2.. :D

    Sis Mouren ~ sia d ofis ada la sikit masa yg buli dicuri.. mcm ko busy gilasss! org penting la katakan.. heheeh

  7. ba.. nanti sia cuba nasib..(kalu sia rajin)..
    Anyway, good info ba ni especially for those who have lots of leisure time..

  8. Good info Just..nanti mau try juga curi2 masa di office.. kalau ada lah hehehe...kadang2 terlampau busy, mau buka Blog pun ndada masa.

  9. Tunung ~ bnyk la kunun masa terluang sia ni kan.. hahahaah...

    Nora ~ Thanks.. try la klu ada free time.. hehehe..

  10. Waaaah nice info Just, sa mo try la, nanti ada masa baru sa join ni. :)

  11. Owh... gitu pula..
    Bah.. bila mo withdraw usd50 tu??? bulih belanja aku.. kekekekekss..

  12. Anonymous ~ jgn malu2, try ja.. gud luck..

    one ~ ba nnt nx yr la.. hihihi...

    Lindut ~ sharing is caring... lalalla...

    Ladybird ~ tau takpe.. :D

  13. oh sy tersilap signed up as advertiser di socialsparks....what should i do?

  14. mau try ni...sure sy rajin berblog ni...


You're 'bout to corner... ;p