Monday, January 17, 2011

Exploring Mode

Hi guys... Not in the mood to blog today. Besides the malas mode, kinda 'busy' exploring new products for my Shoppe. Also exploring malls for lot renting. Yayyyy...

So pardon me for today yaa... will blog out soon... *wink*

* besar pulak the consequences after changing my blog url! Will have to wait longer for paid post opps after this!Adussss...


  1. Sis, punya besar tu font entry ko juga...haha

    Relak ko sana!

  2. I also just finish spring cleaning my office.. boring to see the old arrangment, gonna change my office theme this year..:D

  3. Kadang2 sa pun begitu juga. Nasip ada itu 30 days blog challenge, ada juga smthing awaits me after work hihihi..

  4. Sya buka spek baru nampak font ko..hehehe...Congrat...go for it kalau mo buat bisnes..:))

  5. Sumandak ~ hrp2 termakbul la impian kunun!

    Sis Mouren ~ hahahah.. mengamuk kunun!

    Julie ~ boring + malas! ;p

  6. Nora ~ new year new theme! ;p

    AnnieMing ~ my kids await for me after work! huhuhu...

    gunsirit ~ hahahah.. thanks guns.


You're 'bout to corner... ;p