Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ken's Arrival This Time

Last week I received Sumandak's gift. This week (Monday) I received Ken aka Mrs. Graig's gift!

Still remember her Pink October Contest? Oh yeah.. it was October! No no.. I didn't win the contest somehow Ken mentioned that all the participants will be receiving something as appreciation from her. Nice-hearted of her! *wink*

Well, I didn't really desperate to have the 'something' but tertunggu-tunggu jugak la... Curious kan... heheheh... I know she is busy and also malas.. hahaha.. Jgn marah Ken! So, what I can do is just wait lor...

And finally the something arrived on Monday.

Mcm dpt hadiah christmas pulak.. heheh..

It's a scarf! I use scarf as my blanket when I travel! Yayyy...

Thanks a lot Ken!

Kalau nda ramai participants, buli la bagi sumthing to all participants kan.. kalau ramai??? *faint*

Psstt... jgn lupa join my coming contest (oppss.. contest bkn GA??!!)  ya.. *grin*


  1. Best ohh..dapat gift lagi kan..hehhe

  2. Julie ~ hehehe... kerajinan melanda tukar template..

    yaa.. siok!!

  3. hehe..mcm dpt hadiah chinese new year pla aa..


You're 'bout to corner... ;p